Sony not looking beyond PS3 and PS Vita to PS4

Sony Computer Entertainment isn't looking beyond the PS3 and PS Vita, according to SCEE boss Andrew House. The company isn't thinking about PS4 as it's focusing on launching the PS Vita.

"From a Sony perspective, we're very comfortable with PS3 and the way that market's developing," House said when asked about the PS4. "We're highly focused on launching Vita as a next-generation portable now some seven years after PSP was launched. We're really not looking at anything beyond that at this stage."

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CaptainMarvelQ82743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

that's because the PS3 is already future proof
they've already thought "Beyond"

fluffydelusions2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Nothing is future proof but at least the PS3 can hang on for a couple of more years. The Blu-Ray is the most future proof aspect of the PS3. I remember at the start of this gen no one thought it was needed and now look where we are at.

jaosobno2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

"Not looking beyond" doesn't mean "not developing". PS4 is probably nearing prototype stage as we speak (or write).

And it's perfectly logical that they are focusing on PSV currently, it's one of their biggest releases ever.

There will be word about PS4 immediately after PSV launches.

GfxPipeline2743d ago

PS3 'hang' for a couple more years?

The PS3 is just about to hit it peak just like the PS2 did when it made the drop from $299 to $199.

Sony sold some 90-100 million consoles AFTER the PS2 dropped to $199. The PS3 will do likewise.

The PS3 had at least another two years before the PS4 was released. Now thanks to Nintendo and their new 1080p/25GB WiiU the PS3's time on the market will be extended thanks to developers being able to target both the PS3 and WiiU and ditch the boat anchor that is the Xbox 360.

captain-obvious2743d ago

whats new ??
they need to focus on what they got now
there is plenty of time for the next PS

sikbeta2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

They are about to launch a New (*Awesome*) handheld in the Market while they focus mainly on the PS3 but keep going with the Immortal PS2 and the PSP, which no sign of take it out of the market, that will be 4 Gaming System a the same time, there is no rush for the PS4 to be released...

HappyGaming2743d ago

Places like brazil are still not buying PS3s they are buying PS2s... thats millions of people waiting for the price to drop...

HappyGaming2743d ago

They won't want us to find out till about a year before the release... Late enough to not stop people from buying PS3s and waiting for PS4 and long enough for the word to be heard that PS4 is coming out and people to start saving up.

Plus they won't tell us anything until they have footage running on the console and by that time they will already be I don't know 2-3 years into development?

PS4 is being created as we speak thats for sure. If its not we won't see it until 2014-15 and that is too long...

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the_best_player2743d ago

PS3 has too many games coming out for me to care for PS4.
M$ is lacking in first party so the next xbox is a no no.

Joni-Ice2743d ago

Even if Sony is working on a PS4 they won't say so. I believe Sony is working on a PS4. MS is working on a New system also but either companies are not going to say so because if they did it would be bad PR. PS3 and now Vita still has life.

limewax2743d ago

Actually think I remember seeing job listings a while back that hinted at a new Playstation being at least in early development. Every single time new tech comes out they have to assess the tech and take that into consideration on when consoles are out of date. So even a year or two ago when they were definitely not replacing their current console, They were still considering when they will need to, and always will.

The progression of tech will likely mean we will actually get PS4 much sooner than they wanted us to initially

pain777pas2743d ago

PS3 May end up having a longer life span than PS2 to be honest IF it is supported.

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CNXN2743d ago

I still want a ps4 next gen is creeping upon us now... have to get a board and ride the wave

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2743d ago

I do too, but from the sounds of things it wont be here til 2014. I'd originally thought they'd announce it next year and release it in 2013. But with their focus on Move and Vita it might be a year later.

HappyGaming2743d ago

They made the Eye Toy on PS2 and PSP 1 while they were making the PS3...

CNXN2743d ago

how the hell did i get 10 disagrees... so nobody wants a ps4. I want a new interface i want new features I want it to be more social. I want so many things that the ps3 seems to be unable to deliver atm

LilDeja932743d ago

I reckon the PS3 still has more to give, until we see the lauch of the next Xbox console, i doubt we'll see a PS4 for a while.

But if the next Xbox launches before the PS4, then Sony will defenietly feel pressured.

As for now, i'm happy sticking with the PS3.

GoldPS32743d ago

I don't want a PS4 right now. PS3 is still powerful. I would do another slim PS3.

LilDeja932743d ago

Yeah i'd love to see a slim model looking like this ...

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