PlayStation Vita Versus Nintendo 3DS: Winner- Apple (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Once again, Sony and Nintendo will battle for handheld supremacy, this time with the PlayStation Vita and 3DS, respectively.

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jacksonmichael2747d ago

As I see it, Apple products are for people who lack pockets. Personally, I don't need an iPhone, because I have an iPod, phone, and 3DS and a pocket for each. If I lacked pockets, I could see getting something that combined the functionality of these. It's just not necessary.

kingdavid2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

The games on iphones and ipod touch are always gonna be cheapened somewhat because of the cheap price.

I do play a fair few games on my iphone and some games work well but they pale in comparison to games on psp, ds and 3ds.

I cant stand playing longer, more in depth games on the iphone cos i just feel the touch screen isnt viable for more hardcore games.

The thing I love most though is the update system they have on iphone. Just perfectly implemented and free as well.

Valvatorez2747d ago

Yep,who needs portible Uncharted and Zelda games,when we can download one of the hundreds of tetris clones and apps that tell us the weather?/s