Don't Be Alone On The Dead Island - Bring Along a Friend

Facing the zombie apocalypse alone when it ruins your dream holiday island experience is a daunting task, so why not buddy up with a friend and get them to help you send those scores of wandering undead back to the grave where they belong? Luckily this is very possible in upcoming zombie-basher Dead Island, so grab a friend, grab some weaponry, and prepare to bash some zombies in the face.

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legendkilla2747d ago

yeah this game i cannot wait for! sounds like so much fun!! :)

mastiffchild2747d ago

Erm, yeah,but I LIKE,no LOVE my survival horror to be just me as playing with a mate makes it seem silly and makes NOTHING scary at all. Watch The Omen as a teenager alone in the wee small hours with no one home and the lights off and it's scary but invite a couple of cocky adult mates and it's just daft.

Co-op works in L4D because there's NO story and no attempt at anything beyond trying to make you jump once or twice-it's not survival horror but making RE5 co-op centric KILLED the series stone dead(crappy friendly AI ade it even worse mind in SP)and Ivjust do NOT understand why you would want to make a survival horror game for more than one, lone payer. Fatal Frame co-op? Would be crap.

Same thing here-if there were TWO campaigns and the SP one was done totally for the survival horror aspect and the co-op more gung ho or action based then OK ut it seems to me that this is designed, again like games killed in SP form like RE5 , L4D and LP2, only to work witrh a mate or two and for the genre it makes no sense and for SP gamers, regardless of genre, it seems totally unfair.

I'm just sad because UI'd hoped for a more Amnesia experience than L4Dfrom this one and laying a game with mates can just NEVER be scary in any way, shape or form. Barring Mario Kart's Blue Shells on last corners/straights-they're always scary and game killing.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE co-op. Love Borderlands and loved playing Gears with a mate as well as a ton of other recent games with the option(don't like co-op in Halo for some reason but am gutted they changed Resistance 2'sco-op for R3 as that was amazingly promising only to be chucked away-anyway it's possibly only cos I'm used to lone Halo campaign anyway)but there should always be a decent SP option and increasingly that's sacrificed on the alter of co-op and in some genres it's plain daft and this is one of them for me.

Also, if anyone else tried to play LP2 as a SP I share your pain at the most useless matey AI in gaming history. Sod that train section. And sod it FOREVER and a day.

RedDead2747d ago

No horror here mate, completely agree with you though