MMORPG Center: Black Prophecy - Review

"Internet spaceships, or more appropriately Sci-fi MMOs, are as a genre, vastly under represented. So its a pleasure to a review title like Black Prophecy. Developed by Reakktor Media and published by Gamigo, as a Free-to-play MMO, Black Prophecy is a twitched based space combat game. Using the mouse control flight system first pioneered by the Microsoft classic Freelancer, you control a small but fast space fighter."

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ATiElite2743d ago

Very nice review as I'm looking forward to playing Black Prophecy. Eve is cool but I just like the fact BP has twitch space combat which is a break from the Strategy and tactics of Eve.

mmorpg-center2742d ago

Indeed, BP is more close to Freelancer which will make a lot of people happy, but it has his downsides.