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Reggie Fils-Aime likes LittleBigPlanet, Halo, BioShock - SF Gate interview

Reggie Fils-Aime met with SF Gate reporters and editors to discuss Nintendo, the status of the gaming industry, short supply of the Wii, and the future of consoles.

SFGate: When you look at what other platforms are doing, is there a game that you say, "I wish we had that game. This might be a very interesting game on the Wii."

Reggie Fils-Aime: I've been very intrigued with LittleBigPlanet (from Sony). I don't know that it belongs on their platform. Microsoft has done well. There are a range of first-person shooter type games that are all very well done that could all do quite well on a Nintendo platform. Certainly, the Halo trilogy - anyone who would look at that and say, "No, I think we could live without it," probably doesn't think real long about this industry. Even games like BioShock. I thought that was tremendously well done. The writing was tremendously clever. I would love to see more of that type of content in the industry overall that actually makes people think a little bit. (Industry, Nintendo DS, Wii)

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BlackTigea  +   2900d ago
keep dreaming !
thank god those games are not on the Wii..
BloodySinner  +   2900d ago
Those games can't even run on the Wii.
Silver360  +   2900d ago
Ok let's see
MS great content! Sony good content better stuff in the works! Nintendo has Wii sports and Mario after Mario and Smash bros. what is left? What developer is going to stretch themselves on the wii? Where is the incentive when Wii owners don't buy games?
rosko486  +   2900d ago
He doesn't think LBP belongs on the PS3 platform...that makes absolutely zero sense.
texism  +   2900d ago
Actually it does.

Think of it like this: A Gears Of War-like game on a Nintendo console (assuming it is powerful enough). See what he means? It doesn't seem to "fit" the motif of the console...
Jandre02  +   2899d ago
That would make sense if he were talking about the 360
The PS3 is the all in one console. It just doesnt have the games yet to define what type of console it is. The PS3 is the Wii and the 360 combined (not saying power-wise or anything like that fanboys, calm down.) It covers the entire spectrum of games.

Thats PR talk. Trying to define which games should and shouldnt be played on another console. I guess Sony and Microsoft were the ones who did it first (saying the Wii isnt for hardcore gamers, just casual gamers.)
But the Playstation has been doing everything from casual to hardcore from the get go.
mighty_douche  +   2900d ago
im confused by his LBP remark, sony DO own the right to that game, their producing it arent they?

oh well, still its always nice to see some one give props to a competitor for a job well done!
ChickeyCantor  +   2900d ago
its more like he thinks its more for a different audience then the one of the PS3.
mighty_douche  +   2900d ago
ah i see what you mean, and your probably right.

but isnt that the whole idea of this game? to demonstrate to people that the ps3 offers more than simply hardcore titles.
ChickeyCantor  +   2900d ago
maybe it does maybe it doesnt,
Because if they dont promote it right its still going to be overlooked.

plus I remember an article where it said that Nintendo was a bit late on buying the company who made LBP.
its not like he is bashing the game, he just thinks it for a different audience.
Itachi  +   2900d ago
Sony has a broad audience from kids to adults

so reggies comments has no merit

just because Nintendo cater to a younger audience
predator  +   2900d ago
aint he the one who bashed halo 3, and no hes sayin that
texism  +   2900d ago
He has never bashed Halo. He said Halo won't move consoles because people that buy Halo already bough an Xbox. That is not bashing.
PS360WII  +   2900d ago
As Sidar said he thinks LBP isn't really marketed towards the PS3 format. Much like Viva for 360. Unless marketed right it'll just be swept under the rug. Plus he's saying he likes it so he's not bashing it. Those games would not be ruined on the Wii contrary to what the first posters believes. The only way a game can be ruined is if it doesn't come out at all.
AIZEN SOZUKE  +   2900d ago
little big planet on wii would look like pong for atari, so it would be ruined
PS360WII  +   2900d ago
hmm yea too bad it wouldn't. Though it's okay you can have your horrible skewed opinions.
TruthbeTold  +   2900d ago
Pong? That's just Silly
When are you haters going to realize that every time you say something akin to Wii Graphics looking like Pong, you are hypocritically saying that the original XBOX and PS2 (Which you were all playing just a year ago, and may even still play) graphics look like dirt drawings by 3 year olds?

Everyone knows that Wii graphics are not as good as those for the HD capable consoles. We also know that in their haste and greed, alot of companies have made some ugly games for the Wii this past year. However the Wii is capable of beautiful graphics when developers work hard rather than be lazy. The graphics capability of the Wii is much greater in depth, much greater in definition, power and smoothness than any of the older consoles. Not to mention the control scheme, which also with work applied during creation, brings about unparalleled immersive quality when the whole package is put together. I swear, this site is full of little kids who must have just discovered absurd cynicism, and so, get a kick out of using it all the time to make themselves feel better about their own choices. Grow up already.
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AIZEN SOZUKE  +   2900d ago
ok, it will look like a sega cd game, and play just like one, you wont play it, but you will watch it just like on sega cd
PS360WII  +   2900d ago
heh okay that's better. See that wasn't so hard was it ^.-
goodganja  +   2900d ago
Reggie Fils Aime is an arrogant hater. What he's saying is "why didnt we come up with this concept first?". We f'd up with this. Especially since all we have is the obvious first party games.

Too bad Reggie, it's here to stay on Sony and only Sony.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D
ShadoWulf  +   2900d ago
Dude, chill. He likes the game. He's not a bigot; he's clearly expressed his support for other games on other platforms. If anything, I'd say you're the arrogant one. The ends of your posts say it all, fanboy.

T H I N K B 3 Y O N D your own selfish ideas, please.
Snipes20  +   2900d ago
Looks to me
like you are the arrogant hater here, goodganja...
IntelligentAj  +   2900d ago
Like that reply. THINK B3YOND your own selfish ideas

Well said. Bubbles!!!
otherZinc  +   2900d ago
now, you Halo haters can STFU! When someone with his rank in the industry will give glowing praise to a killer competitor like that, you know a game is as big as it can get.

You dont have to like M$ or Halo as I dont like RPG's, but you must recognize a games greatness as Reggie did with Halo & I do with Final Fantasy & other RPG's.

I give credit where credit is due and in this instance Reggie was man enough to do the same.
HarryEtTubMan  +   2900d ago
Did you expect him to say something bad about Halo 3??? - Yea right he's afraid he'd be assasinated.
texism  +   2900d ago
well said
ShadoWulf  +   2900d ago
Definitely! I've got a Wii but I recognize a good game. I'm glad the president of NoA can do the same.
Rooftrellen  +   2900d ago
"Did you expect him to say something bad about Halo 3??? - Yea right he's afraid he'd be assasinated."

It's Reggie, not Jack. He doesn't think Halo 3 turns people into killers.

He may say it no matter if he believes it or not, but he's not saying it because he's afraid some rabid fanboy will shoot him.
eagle21  +   2900d ago
This is what doesn't appeal to me about the wii
Statements like this. I don't understand how Sony sold 120 million consoles. I get it, by having a diverse line up of games that truly appeal to families and hardcore gamers alike. The gamecube had only one type of game mostly and did not appeal to 30 million people. I find it funny reggie would even make a statement like this. This is why I will not buy a wii anytime soon. (I purchased the gamecube first last generation, I will not make that mistake twice.) Nintendo had best go make the diverse line-up PS3 has before a $249 price tag is sitting beside it. If they truly want to win this generation over the next 5 years and keep everyone happy in the process so next time they will reap success from all gamers. This is no flame, I adore Nintendo just as much as Sony, but statements like this make me question if the wii will try to make a Halo, Bioshock, or Killzone...cause Sony has the most impressive new ip in years with LittleBigPlanet!
ShadoWulf  +   2900d ago
Remember, LBP is just one game. It hardly justifies the purpose of an expensive console to the casual consumer. That's why the PS3 isn't selling well to the casual gaming crowd. If it had as impressive of a library as the Wii has when it comes to casual games, plus it's own robust hardcore library, then it would be more successful, methinks.

And, on your other point, the Wii kind of does the opposite. It doesn't have enough hardcore games (but they are there) to justify a purchase. I'm somewhat in the middle of the hardcore and 'normal' crowd (nowhere close to casual, thank you), so I went ahead and bought it, and to me MP3 is enough. Still, though, for people who are really into the hardcore market, the Wii isn't really on the radar.
DeZimatoR  +   2900d ago
Mweh, LBP wouldn't necessarily 'fit' better on the Wii...
It fits well on the PS3 because Sony always made a point to have complete variety in the games it makes for its consoles...it has everything ranging from racing games, to sports, action games, shooters, RPG's, etc.

Plus, if you tried running LBP on a Wii it would just blow the console up :p

Darkiewonder  +   2900d ago
So about LBP
I know what he just did there lawlz.
chester  +   2900d ago
this guy freaks me the **** out. ugly as sin and always has the most psycho expressions on his face. can't stand him, and he talks straight out his ass as well.
ChickeyCantor  +   2900d ago
E stands for all not KIDS.
Nintendo is going for evey person.
because if they really are focused on " kids" all they need to do was promote their Nintendo towards kids, o and trust me, since KIDS equals BLING BLING, they would sell there wii wit more success.
Shaka2K6  +   2899d ago
nintendo again trying to steal Sony ideas.
They lost all originality no wonder they just keep milking the same all crappy franchises over and over.
john_doe  +   2899d ago
stealing ideas??? thas what i tought after seeing the six axis being anounced after nintendo showed the wimote...
DeckUKold  +   2899d ago
Is it me
or does Reggie look a lil u know fruit loops ANYWAY he compliment a game and u still bash him omg you people make me laugh shaka nintendo steals i deas after sony made the psone controller similar to snes and after that sony nintendo deal to make Playstation after snes when sony did them wrong and snatched all Nintendo's third party company hmmmm nice snatxhing sony

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