Sony Hitting Nintendo Hard Directly in its Most Vulnerable Spot


With the full revelation of the Sony Vita and its PS3 compatibility this week at E3, a major component of Sony's current strategy has been revealed.

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jacksonmichael2746d ago

They're attacking that giant enemy crab's weak point for massive damage. They're doing what they did with the Move, really... Real time weapon change.

pain777pas2744d ago

Seriously we are going to be the winners when they start to lock horns. Nintendo in Japan may be in jeopardy but, Nintendo would be a monster hunter away from a victory. However, latest PSP version of monster hunter could get a rerelease. NA will be interesting to say the least.

thereapersson2746d ago

If Sony can deliver on all fronts a rich software environment to match this wonderful hardware they've come up with, they might finally have a chance at taking back some of the market share that Nintendo has held on to for far too long.

Sitris2746d ago

People may agree with you, but your right, this could be a interesting time in handheld wars. Sony has got a huge power advantage, game advantage as well features of the device. Plus the hugely competitive price, that let's be honest, no one truly believed they would do.

I have a 3DS, but god I can't wait for the Vita, it's going to be amazing!

dragunrising2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I plan on owning both...and effectively avoiding the "handheld wars." However, I can't help but feel a tinge of regret that I paid $250 bones for a 3DS. If the PS Vita was more expensive perhaps I could validate my purchase. Then again, Zelda is still not out and I have zero games to play at the moment so I guess not (yet) :-/

I'm looking forward to playing games on both handhelds. Hopefully they offer unique experiences for years to come...and touch screen tablets never replace dedicated handhelds with buttons.

2746d ago
n4f2745d ago

nice one ive been laughing actually bubble for you!
but what intrigue me is, that we know nintendo will lower the price.did they knew that sony was going to lower there price so that sony would sell at lost and nintendo doing some high profit and getting momentum after thee price cut? nah i dont think so

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b_one2746d ago

Hmm is someone owns PS3, only handheld you can have is PSV - PS+ membership gives alot, minis, PSX games, PSP its alot of content itself, psn account...

DevilsJoker2746d ago

This title feels like erotic fan-fiction. *shudder*

GoldPS32746d ago

Vita should dominate the market. I just hope Sony market it right.

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The story is too old to be commented.