E3 2011: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Playtest | IGXPRO

Final Fantasy XIII was a strange game: people either liked it or hated it, and IGXPRO conflicted about it, as I absolutely loved some things about it but abhorred an equal number of it's other traits. Despite Square-Enix positioning it as the beginning of the "Fabula Nova Crystalis" product initiative, it's reputation among die-hard fans of the series remains mixed at best.

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Elda2748d ago

Thank God the battle system & the same composer will be in final fantasy 13-2,I loved final fantasy 13 original score!! The battle system is phenomenal!!

zeal0us2748d ago

Was the towns or exploration phenomenal like in all the other ff games?

Elda2748d ago

You didn't need towns especially when you're wanted by everyone because you've been branded,ff 13 had its unique way of exploring-gameplay style,it went a different direction & I along with a few million people appreciated that direction among other haters.Can't wait for pt 2!!!