How to turn your girlfriend into a gamer

Many a nerd has spent countless years of their lives devoted to the pursuit of the mythical creature known as the ‘Gamer Girl’. Although their existence is often hinted at in online forums and such, seeing one IRL is an almost impossible feat that can only be accomplished by the luckiest of questers.

So why not take the easy route and simply turn your current girlfriend into one? That way you can obtain this oft-desired specimen of woman without actually having to leave the confines of your mother’s basement and your level 72 Paladin.

Here are 4 tips to help you slowly and meticulously mould her into the person you want her to be;

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jacksonmichael2748d ago

I don't want her to be one... I already can't beat her at Mario Kart...

thereapersson2748d ago ShowReplies(4)
hiredhelp2748d ago

Dudes this pic really not needed. N4g not porn site.
And my gf beats me at racers.

CoLD FiRE2748d ago

My imaginary girlfriend can't beat me at anything.

BaneWilliams2748d ago

lol, I remember when articles were failed because pictures like this: were considered 'too racy'

SandWitch2748d ago

How to turn your girlfriend into a gamer?

Buy her a Sims.

Trunkz Jr2748d ago

Nerds have girlfriends?

farhad2k82748d ago

Simple. Buy her a PS VITA.

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Son_Lee2748d ago

My girlfriend has always been a gamer and always will be. :))

wiggles2748d ago

lol that is pretty funny

rdgneoz32748d ago

They probably think he means his right hand and not an actual female.

Son_Lee2748d ago

LOL why would anyone disagree? Jealousy mayhaps? More girls gaming: How is that a bad thing?

Kurt Russell2748d ago

Because weird motion controllers will be invented to suit their playing style.... oh wait.

sikbeta2748d ago


Mine freaking hates Gaming lol she suffers when see me gaming XD

majiebeast2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I didnt even read the title i just clicked for boobs. Im dissapoint:(

Pandamobile2748d ago

Most girls I know already play a decent amount of games, even if it's just Pokemon on their DS, or the Sims and WoW on their computers.

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The story is too old to be commented.