Insane Port: Cthulhu Saves the World PC Packing Breath of Death VII, Still Carries $3 Pricetag

DIYGamer: "If Zeboyd Games packs anything more into the upcoming PC port/enhanced version of their XBLIG RPG

hit Cthulhu Saves the World, it may very well burst at the seams. After already announcing a robust features list for the and promising to maintain the XBLIG price of $3 (significant as we’ve seen others jump into the $5-$10 range in the same situation,) it seems even more positive details have emerged from the game’s crowdfunded journey over to the PC. Frankly, I’m getting quite sick of hearing all this good news, but founder Robert Boyd insists on continuing to offer out free perks like they’re going out of style — and this one’s a biggie."

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