Sony opens door for cross-platform gaming, Microsoft slams door shut

Product-Reviews writes: Many of you may be still deciding which company ‘won’ E3 after their respective press conferences earlier this week, but we have a few factors which suggest that Sony are definitely heading in the right direction for the future – cross platform gaming.

Yes, the rare feature that once scared the living daylights out of Sony, but not anymore it seems. At E3, Sony gave gamers an insight into their future steps on making cross-platform functionality a regular feature on their future hardware and software, and also sent out a strong message to Microsoft who are less-keen on opening up their hardware for such use.

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EYEamNUMBER12720d ago

i honestly don't see what the big deal about cross platforming gaming is ill be playing with people on the PC right? like is that it?

im actually seriously asking is that all it does? because if so i don't see what the big deal is

Nitrowolf22720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Yes you are right.

It means more players and better support for games that have it, at least that's what i'm hoping for. I think this i a huge step forward, maybe one day console Multiplat games will be able to cross play to.
I think its great to see a push for it now, with Portal 2 being one of the first title to support it.

I have many PC gamers friend who don't own a console. Its great being able to play with them on some games that will support this.

Wenis2720d ago

Whenever there are cross platform titles especially FPS, PC gamers always have a huge advantage over console players simply because of the mouse, it makes aiming so much easier than joysticks. Its pretty unfair to be honest

captain-obvious2720d ago

i think its because PSN is free so they dont really care about subscriptions more

lets say me and my friend want to play portal
he got it on PC i got it on PS3 and we are playing and it all cool since both steam and PSN are free

while on the 360
if you want to play with your friends you both have to pay for xbox live and you BOTH have to get portal 2 on the 360 which results in more money for them

Prototype2720d ago

Final Fantasy 11 was the first game I remember that had cross platform; PS2 to PC (when I first started in 2004) then sometimes late 2005-2006 it opened up to 360.

The only real advantage PC gamers had was some of the tools not available to console owners and windower.

EYEamNUMBER12720d ago

"at least that's what i'm hoping for"
that's just 1 big assumption though no one has still told me why cross platforming is so great

if its just playing with people on the PC then i honestly don't see what the big deal is
if something is cross platform then that's nice but it doesn't sound like something id loose sleep over if it wasn't there

Kurylo3d2720d ago

Let me ask you something. Why dont you see cross platflorm as being a big deal?

I am a pc gamer. I have friends who own consoles only. The fact that i can game with them and have my graphics cranked up.. and be able to use my mouse and keyboard to play... I mean thats awesome.

Its bringing people together.. making the community of people larger.

I mean if its not a big deal for you.. well maybe its cause u have no friends. Or no friends who dont own your console of choice.

Microsoft is turning into apple at the end of the day. They are trying to keep everything to themselves. Thats a big negative. Luckily for them they have kinect which will more then likely change the way games will be played in the future. True interaction.

sikbeta2720d ago

Cross Platform Gaming = More players to jump in the same game, you can't go against that...

AAACE52720d ago

Good news Bad news...

Good news, Pc gamers usually play games longer than console gamers. So we can play the games we like longer!

Bad news, Pc gamers usually play games longer than console gamers. This could slow down sales of future games because people would be less inclined to buy new games because of modding.

Good for gamers, bad for the industry! That's like allowing people to run their cars off of water instead of gas!

lil Titan2720d ago

im looking forward to DUST 154 game look nice reminds me of PlanetSide a little THEY NEED TO BRING THAT GAME BACK had more players than MAG i think

darthv722720d ago

if they are MS developed/produced games have a better chance of cross platform play against windows. So technically they arent open to EVERY developer but they do have it.

If there is a game company that could persuade MS to open up a little it wouldnt be Valve. It would be EA. Battlefield players on the pc against the 360 against the ps3 would freaking rock.

Biggest2720d ago

This just in! Playing games with more players is not that cool! Talking to people playing a completely different game is still all the rage!

Why is it that the people defending cross-game chat to the death don't see the merit in cross-platform gaming? As much as I love to chat, games are more fun. Is chatting more fun than gaming for you guys?

Drac2720d ago

Hey lil Titan,

PlanetSide 2 is in the works ;).

Aarix2719d ago

It would mean verbal fanboyist hate

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NateCole2720d ago

The ideas set forth by Dust goes beyond just mere playing with gamers from a different platform.

Imagine BF with different theaters of war across multiple platforms. While the games will share the same universe. The games themselvs will be quite different which allows devs to focus on a particular platform strength or userbase. It will allow devs to create very specalised crops that gamers can enlist.

Its a new idea and one that if done right can change the way MMO/online gaming and gaming in the future is done.

Dramscus2719d ago

yes it has quite a lot of potential. We could have multi levelled games that go up through genres. Fps to strategy.
Eventually they could go one step further and have an ongoing open world where every character is live doing missions that work together to form stories chosen by all the people.
unlimited potential.

r1sh122720d ago

There is a massive problem with cross platform gaming...
Consoles cannot be upgraded like PC's,
PC's have the option for more ram, bigger HD, more powerful graphics card etc...
If a game requires eg 1gb graphics card in the near future the ps3 cannot compete with the level of graphics processing. One version will be running at a lower level and the other will have to compensate.
Its actually quite a technical challenge for consoles, some games right now will work for a while but once the next gen tech which is released every year is released the tech in the consoles will be old.

Yes the ps3 processor is a beast but dont forget the level at which intel/amd are spitting out CPU's.

Pillville2720d ago

Is that any different than someone on a gaming PC playing against someone on a laptop?

Kurylo3d2720d ago

yea but lets face it, the graphics will always be better on pc, but developers still pretty much develop so that it looks good on a console and on a low end computer. They dont cut out the older computers just cause technology is greater. I mean halflife 2 will work on something way weaker then a ps3 or 360 lol .. or a wii for that matter.

icewater852720d ago

The great graphics from a PC won't affect gameplay though. I think if it is cross-platform they need to figure out a way to make the games as equal as possible. They can make rooms on the PC for cross-platform and lock the FPS at a certain number so it's the same on both. I don't know but the idea of cross-platform is great to me. It will kill all this fanboy shit if every platform can play against each other. I would love to play my friends and family who only have a 360 from my ps3 or PC.

NateCole2720d ago

Again separate platforms. Dust will only be gamers on PS3 while EVE MMO itself is on PC. So PC gamers upgrading has no effect on PS3 gamers or dust itself.

The arch is scalable and modular in this regard.

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Loko232720d ago

obviously eyeam is a xbot and he is jealous lol

frostypants2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

In this case (the Dust 514/EVE Online thing) it's kind of a bigger deal because the PS3 players will be playing a completely different game that interacts with the PC players they'll all be sharing the same universe, but playing different roles. That is pretty cool.

But yeah, with Portal 2 you can play with PC players I believe. No, from a TECHNICAL perspective this is not a big deal. From a business politics perspective, it's pretty huge.

I've said all along that there's NO technical barrier preventing PS3, 360, and PC gamers from playing together online. The only practical issue is that PC gamers tend to have in-game command-line access (in FPS games at least) and quicker controls.

Imagine a world where 360 and PS3 gamers could compete with each other in cross-platformers like CoD or BF. It's technically feasible...the data passed amongst machines over the internet for these games is relatively simple and is (or can be made to be) agnostic of platform, so hardware architecture differences really don't mean anything.

Only politics is preventing this. And it sounds like MS has most of the hangups.

AND THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF ALL OF THIS: These are dangerous waters for Microsoft. In their minds, the PC is kind of "their" platform, but they have no control over this aspect of it. If all of a sudden the PS3 and future Sony consoles become the PC's best online friend, it will make Microsoft look REALLY foolish and short-sited.

showtimefolks2720d ago

put it like this valve are one of the best devs

so we get more players
better online support
better community features

I hope more games do that just like what kojima is doing its different but yet its something new.

if MS is really standing in the way their loss. also many times their limit on what you can out on xblive is the reason many games don't go up on xblive while sony has a much more open psn even gabe from valve said that at last year's e3

its nice to see tech improving i a all for it

Veni Vidi Vici2720d ago

The only problem with cross-patform play is when you're playing FPS's. Portal really doesn't count since you aren't shooting at each other. Other game types such as platformers, racing, fighting, etc., cross-platform should not be a problem in the slightest.

The big issue with CP play with FPS's is that the mouse is SO much more accurate and fast that the console players would get beat pretty soundly against PC players. The only way to compensate for this would probably be to give PS3 players more aim assist but that's pretty lame IMO.

If Sony or MS would just use a little imagination and support a product like this:


CP play between consoles and PC would probably be much fairer. When I say support, it has to support the thing in the game's software. That product in the link has to "guess" deadzones and sensitivities to translate the digital signal into an analogue one that the game can understand. It's not a very accurate way of doing it so a mouse is still much better.

Create a better controller and PC and console players would be fine playing together. Until then, CP play will have to be limited to the other game genres.

shinrock2720d ago

it's kinda like their leaving the console game.let other hardware makers worry about the hardware and sony then becomes a content provider.

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Wikkid6662720d ago

I think a bit of it might have to do with security. MS is trying to keep Live closed as possible, decreases the chances of hacking.

RedDragan2720d ago

Wrong. MS doesn't want it's customers complaining about the fact a room containing PC, PS3 and 360 players only has 360 players paying for the right to play in that room.

Cross Platforming would be the death of Microsofts Live business model, they could not continue justifying charging to play online when people with other platforms can enter the exact same room for free.

Wikkid6662720d ago

LOL... what you are saying is every Live player is clueless that free play exists??? Come on everyone knows.

kneon2720d ago

the death of Live would come if Sony bought valve. Imagine if all those Sony exclusives were also on PC available via steam with cross platform play across PS3 and PC. Steam and PSN would become one and the same and would then control the bulk of online gaming.

DigitalRaptor2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Microsoft wants as much opportunity as possible to charge you for content. Free online, cross-platform network models are not compatible with those ideals.

Developers are wanting to provide free updates and content to the consumers who bought their game. Valve are pushers of this, so are CCP (EVE online, DUST 514), CD Projekt (The Witcher 2) and there are many more.

This is a positive direction for the future of game content, a future that Microsoft don't want a part of. They want to charge you for updates and content that the developer wants to provide for free. So do Activision.

captain-obvious2720d ago

if you think there is no hacking in Xboxlive just go play any COD online lol
you are bound to meet hackers there

news4geeks2720d ago

CoD4 is unplayable on the 360 now because of the amount of hackers.

RevXM2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Service =/= games
But to add to what you said, people do hack XBL accounts.
Its never mentioned because Microsoft never took down their servers to prevent it the safest way possible.

1: shut down.
2: find holes/exploits.
3: Change
And maybe add extra security measures.

Like sony did.
Now people blame Sony. with no proof though.
I even heard it on the radio the other day.
"stolen CC info bla bla..." Uhm nothing happened? where is the proof?

Sony had up to date security.
Even top security systems can be breached.
Example: Pentagon.

Pentagon hacked:

XBL hack:

PSN security:

Septic2720d ago

Err you make it out as if hackers are rampant on Xbox Live. I play on it a lot and RARELY come across them.

When I played MW2 a few months back on PS3, no lie, I swear 80% of the games were hacked. It was actualyl a relief to find one lobby that wasn't hacked. A mate also got his pretige reset.....not a pretty sight.

sikbeta2720d ago


Oh come on, no one knows about hacking a gaming network or even care about that, just because the PSN was hacked a month ago, you're using it as an excuse...

kane_13712720d ago

what reddragan says is partially true.
not every gamer follows the industry.
many believe what they do is totally normal and makes the system better.
this kind of cross platform gaming opens the discussion and widens its borders too.
MS wants to keep it under control as much as possible

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GoldPS32720d ago

360 gamers are messing out on a lot of great things all becuz of MS greedy ways. Wake up and open your eyes. PS3 where's it at.

NateCole2720d ago

Its not just this. The PS suite as well is quite a refreshing idea.

Its the best apporach by Sony imo. Keep some form of control for standards sake but careful not to lock down their system of possibilities like these.

Despite what the writer wrote. Sony since this gen have been more open with their systems. The use of non propriety Hard drive for example as well as offering up linux support until Geo messed with it. Region free PS3 and PS3 games with universal power supply with the original PS3.

Now with the PSV. I wouldn't be surprise if we see more intergration with other systems.

Varodor2720d ago

But the hackers say sony evil and I trust only the recidivist