The Walking Dead - Telltale Releases Details | writes: TellTale Games have been a shining example not only for successful episodic content, but also the handling of established franchises entering the gaming realm. When it was announced that the adventure game veterans would be adapting the highly successful The Walking Dead series into a video game our minds were racing at the possibilities. While we didn’t get the chance to see the game in action, we given an insight as to what the development team are trying to achieve, along with some concept art.

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JsonHenry2744d ago

Can't wait! Also- can't wait for the show to start up again in September.

CarnageXB2744d ago

I love the show. I love the books. I just finished book 6. I'm waiting for book 7. I can't wait for this game

hellerphant2744d ago

If anyone can do it, TellTale can!