E3 2011: Sony shooter 'steals show' at E3 - trailer here

Payback: The HEIST:

"It's simply stolen the show for me," PC Gamer editor Tim Edwards told CVG this evening. "We had no expectations whatsoever for the game going into E3. And I'll be honest, when I read it was a downloadable title, I had it down as little more than a distraction. But in reality, it's brilliant."

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MultiConsoleGamer2750d ago

I really agree with this guy. Sony stole the show in general, but this game was a real suprise.

Focker4202750d ago

Looks really good, glad it'll only be $10-$15

ikkokucrisis2750d ago

It's what happens when you hire the Hitman to do a job that was meant for Kane & Lynch

inveni02750d ago

No, it doesn't look really good. That trailer shows absolutely nothing that's "brilliant", and the guy going on about how good it is doesn't even say what he liked about it. This is an article written for hits, and I'm going to link back to this comment when it releases and no one gives a crap.

Man_Among_Mice2749d ago

iveni0 "No, it doesn't look really good. That trailer shows absolutely nothing that's "brilliant", and the guy going on about how good it is doesn't even say what he liked about it. This is an article written for hits"

From the article "But in reality, it's brilliant. It's sweary, it's bold and it will make your heart race like few other FPS titles I can think of. It nicks all the best bits from Left 4 Dead and puts them in a frantic world in which you get to nick loads of money. Hours after playing it, I'm still thinking: "Wow." I'm starting to believe that it's really superb."

@iveni0 Uh oh somebody didn't read the article...try harder next time.

inveni02749d ago

"It's sweary, it's bold and it will make your heart race like few other FPS titles I can think of"

Ummm...what does that mean? Nothing, that's what. You can't just say, "I really liked it because I liked it and it appealed to me because it's similar to other things I like."

See how that doesn't help anyone? I did read the article, but I'm used to reading things written by competent human

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sinncross2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

This should have been shown at the E3 conference tbqh. Looks like it could be fun!

And would be great to have a PS Vita version!

pain777pas2750d ago

Vita! Vita! Vita! Cross platform! Vita! Vita! Vita!

MasterCornholio2750d ago

Yeah i would love to have this on vita. The game looks pretty cool for a PSN title.

paintsville2750d ago Show
Flashwave_UK2750d ago

we we so excited (GET IT RIGHT PUNK)

ATiElite2750d ago

Oh Yeah I forgot about this game that quick. Glad it's coming to PC....Mods!

Very good concept, I love playing the Bad Guy.

you think more Devs would have you play the villian but NOOOO, they force yoyu to be goodie 2 shoes.

Anderson82750d ago

everyone likes a happy ending

The Killer2750d ago

WRONG! Chinese and Japanese endings always sad!

sad endings has more effect! when u know that always the end will be good, it kills the excitement!

R0me2750d ago

The best films are films where there is a 50:50 chance of bad/good ending.

Arlington Road had a bad ending, i was surprised.

SkittlesLikesPopcorn2750d ago

2 posters above didnt get Anderson8's joke.

Anderson82750d ago


lol i'm glad you got it at least

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ps3destroyer2750d ago ShowReplies(4)
dragunrising2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Sony stole the show? The announcement of the PS Vita for $250/$300 was the most exciting aspect of the show (for me), however, none of the big three had any big surprises. Microsoft's conference was all about Kinect for better or worse. Nintendo's conference could be summarized as confusing. Sony's conference had few surprises as most of their games were announce far ahead of time- those of you who break out the Sony exclusive game lists' know what I'm talking about.

I'm not downplaying The Heist but its rather bold to say that it "stole" the show and by extension Sony "won" the show. Maybe for the writer. I'm looking forward to playing it. Hopefully there is a demo and/or a PSN+ discount I can put to good use.

kikizoo2750d ago

It's not about the "surprises", stop that childish thing, it's about what the brands has to offer to gamers for the year to come... sony always "kill the surprise" before E3, but deliver more than the others each years...if you have 1 surprises but 50 games, it's better than 3 surprises and 10 games (remember the jokes with final fantasy, with natal, with 3Ds, they "won E3" with smoke and mirror, but the reality was really different along the year)

shovelface882750d ago ShowReplies(3)
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Gambit072750d ago

Stole the show? Wtf? I don't see what's the big deal.

chak_2750d ago

he meant versus microsoft I guess, which was not hard :D

pr0digyZA2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

No in the article it's talking about the game which he had no expectations for.

Lawliet2750d ago

Mey wth is this?

Sony stole the show with

Shikoro2750d ago

You mean:
Two hundred and FORTY nine point NINETY nine dollars?

Cosmo8112749d ago

The 3G version is $299.99

GoldPS32750d ago

LOL in the description it says "Payback". It's Payday.

The game teaches you how to rob banks lol. I'm buying.

Daz2750d ago

Looks great fun for a psn game :)

beavis4play2750d ago

just what i was thinking - it looks like the pace will be frenetic.....which will be perfect for a shooter wrapped around a bank heist.

Pintheshadows2750d ago

The gameplay videos look like loads of fun. I'm actually a fan of the sterile visuals as well. It is nice to have bright smoke free environments for once.

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