E3 2011: Jerkin' Off with the PS3 Version of No More Heroes (GameXplain)

Gamexplain: "Having never played the original No More Heroes on the Wii, I wasn’t sure what to expect out of No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise on the PS3 (playable via the Move controls). From the 15 minutes or so I’ve played of it at E3 and what I’ve heard about the series, it doesn’t seem much has changed since the transition to Sony’s console. Here are a couple of points that stood out to me:"

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Dart892743d ago

Wtf was that??No wonder hip hop is dead today's music is crap.

Focker4202743d ago

Wow, I think I just lost all faith in the next generation, I'm glad I'll be dead in the future, it looks like its gonna really suck.

Dash Reindeer2743d ago

I really need to go play the second one

bearsfaan2743d ago

Too many great games at the show!

Focker4202743d ago

For those that have played it, is No More Heroes 2 a good game??

DarkBlood2743d ago

yes it is its also a bit mysterious with the story and you have the option of using the classic controller or the wiimote im not sure about the gamecube controller i dont think that is an option but im too lazy to go through my shitload of games i have lol