IGN: Towers vs the Horde in Gears of War 3

How do you fix something no one thought was broken? Gears of War 2's Horde mode was such a success that it propped up the game while its competitive multiplayer floundered under online matchmaking issues. It's also one of the most imitated game elements since third-person, cover-based shooting became the standard for shooters, starting with the original Gears of War.

While the general cleanup and improvements Epic has made to Gears of War 3--in the form of more responsive controls, retweaked weapon balance, and newly-colorful visuals--go a long way to making "Horde 2.0" (as Epic is calling it) a more enjoyable experience, there's more to it. It's said that life needs more to it than survival, and Epic is taking that to heart, injecting Horde 2.0 with objectives, goals, and benchmarks. They're adding a point beyond "struggle to survive."

They're also adding tower defense. And Brumaks.

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MintBerryCrunch2750d ago

ohh how easy it is to forget somethings....this game was ahead of its time

banjadude2750d ago

Used to play the heck out of that game. Never did beat it though (I was such a noobie kid, lol).

starchild2750d ago

Yes, you are right, everybody is copying Killswitch. A game that was wildly successful and controlled so well. /s

Some of you fanboys can never give credit where credit is due. Gears of War perfected and popularized the 3rd person cover system. It also started the whole horde mode-type gameplay that has been copied by so many games since.

Nothing is truly new under the sun. If you are trying to be critical you can always point to something similar that came before. True "innovation" today mostly involves refining and combining elements that had already existed in cruder form into something powerful and compelling as a whole.

MintBerryCrunch2750d ago

nothing against gears...just pointing out what IGN was stating

im just giving credit where credit is due

turnerdc2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Oh snapz, it was Winback on the N64 that started it all!

Anyway, what the heck does Kill Switch or Winback have to do with Horde 2.0 in Gears of War 3? Nothing is ever really new now days. Remember the wall climbing in Ninja Gaiden? Mega Man did it. The treasure spelunking in Uncharted? Tomb Raider did it. The Move for PS3? Wii did it. Does that make any of these games/hardware any worse? Nope.

MintBerryCrunch2750d ago

like i said before....i have nothing against gears nor any of the games you mentioned...gaming is an industry that evolves over time by taking inspiration from older classics and improving the formula...i just showed the game because IGN went and stated that Gears started the whole cover shooter

coolbeans2750d ago

^ Did you miss the "...became standard for shooters..." part? b/c that's when the major influx for those began.

turnerdc2750d ago

Haha but you're wrong. Winback came out a few years before Kill Switch and had a cover system.

coolbeans2750d ago

Did Kill.Switch have blindfire or the ability to move from cover to cover by hitting 'A' (or the equivalent to that for PC games)?

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