E3 2011: Dead Island is kind of like Left 4 Dead Meets Far Cry (Gamexplain) says, "When the original (and awesome) Dead Island trailer hit the internet a few months back, jaws hit the floor. Its memento-inspired reverse of time mechanic was poetic, and best yet, it featured zombies! While details were scarce, we knew it was going to be a cooperative zombie-killing FPS. This, of course, lead me to believe it would be very similar to Left 4 Dead. After getting some hands-on time with the game, I can say that while the game has some similarities to Valve’s game, there are some noticeable differences:"

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Focker4202743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

I just want to know exactly how open the island is... Is it levels that feel open, or is it actually an open world? Other than that the game looks killer.

newsguy2743d ago

It's like Far Cry, it's linear but open at the same time.

HOSe2743d ago

from the demo i saw . man the game looked like garbage.

yamzilla2743d ago's like far cry 1, cause its on an island, but not as pretty as a pc game from 2004, and the story is worse

it's like left for dead because you shoot hordes of zombies

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