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CheatCC - "Despite a few flaws, 2009's Red Faction: Guerrilla did several things extremely well. Namely, it told an amazing story about a group of rebels who picked away at a tyrannical government until it fell, and it provided a huge, open world in which you could roam about, knocking down buildings with a sledgehammer."

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femshep2742d ago

"If you were one of the people who bought Red Faction: Guerrilla and loved it, this game will disappoint you."

i bought gurilla and the first two....i love them all including this one...they added a lot of new toys to the collection like the nanoforge which repairs the broken things...they said from the beginning that it was aimed toward story because they are underground.....gurrilla was really disappointing when they took out everything from the originals....i feel they made this game very appropriately with what they had done to gurrilla.....and its not like these creatures are new they are from the first game