-Superman-1789d ago

Jack is always best host.
He is funny guy :D

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carlitoskaruuz1789d ago

the man presented business of the Sony franchise, he shall sell Sony products well.

Surfaced1789d ago

I think Fils-Aime was a bit more charismatic but I liked Tretton's jokes more.

And then there was that jackass, Mr. Caffeine, at Ubisoft's conference.... ugh.

Errol James1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

I thought it was funny how Reggie came out saying "We Get It." After what I saw from Nintendo's Press Conference I'm not sure they do.

Xander7561789d ago

Tretton did a great job but I always like Reggie best. He's just such a cool guy lol.

ape0071789d ago

Reggie, hey JEFF, it's a BOX, IT HAS a GPU and CPU
I ROFLED all day long when i heard it

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