Ubisoft shares first Assassin's Creed Wii U details

Ubisoft pulls back the curtain on Assassin's Creed for Wii U.

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phantomexe2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

Must have love the AC games.

zeal0us2567d ago

im guess port, developing ac specifically for the wiiU could cost more than just porting it. So i don't blame them if they plan on porting it, long as it runs and isn't broken or anything.

ginsunuva2567d ago

Too many AC games! And even if the quality doesn't wear that much, it makes people burnt out and jaded.

jacksonmichael2567d ago

I suppose, but I still think all the recent complaints about sequels is unwarranted.

fatstarr2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

sequels and prequels suck unless the game was made in such a good way story wise that you need the next installment but games arent like that anymore

but to be honest tons of games come out that are original they just dont catch on by the mainstream or come to the us/europe.

sequels are what sell and it takes a certain type of consumer to pick up a new game never heard of to try it out love it and spread the word.

thats how cod4 got popular and spawned this activision grip on the fps. i remember it in hs going "man cod4 is the best shooter out "

which at the time it was and it just spread and got so competitive and now look at it and what it has caused.

fatstarr2567d ago

How many nintendo owners have played AC tho
i have but i know alot havent so it might be a new experience for them.

its all about know your audience.

hard joe2567d ago

AC franchise is being milked
not much improvement from AC2 to ACB