E3: On the edge with Uncharted 3′s single-player

VG247: "It’s Sony’s big 2011 ticket for PS3, and what Alex Donaldson saw in LA yesterday left him stunned. Uncharted 3′s single-player impressions and interviews with its director and programmer."

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bronxsta2746d ago


Sounds absolutely epic
Naughty Dog never fails to deliver! GOTY confirmed

metsgaming2746d ago

my most anticipated by far. Then Battlefield 3 !

Sinkway2746d ago

IMO Tomb Raider looks like its going to rape U3.

DFresh2746d ago

It's too soon to tell.
Naughty Dog still has almost 4 months of polishing and optimizing to do before Uncharted 3 comes out.
Tomb Raider should be an excellent game too.
Either way who cares as long as games keep improving the way they are now it'll rival and even surpass the quality of movies.
Uncharted 3 comes out this year.
Tomb Raider doesn't come out until Fall 2012.
Who knows?
Let the battle begin.
Round 1 FIGHT!

ape0072746d ago

why SOMETHING vs SOMETHING, this will RAPE this

each games will be good in its own way

harrisk9542746d ago

Tomb Raider looks great, but it is a multiplatform title that doesn't take advantage of any particular system's strengths. Plus, all we've seen from Tomb Raider is pre-rendered cut scenes. The other thing about Uncharted is that the story and the cinematics are better than in many Hollywood blockbusters. I just don't see Tomb Raider having that sort of production value. It may end up being a great game, but it is not in the same league as Uncharted.

Sinkway2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Didn't mean to offend anyone thats why i said IMO haha. I'm just going on what i saw at E3. Yes i know Tomb Raider is a Multiplatform and i'm not a fanboy i wasn't having a go at Sony with their U3. i was just saying.

BubbleSniper2745d ago

i'd like to know if the devlopers behind the new TR reboot are optimizing their game to work with the PS3 the way Naughty Dog is...

probably not.

Flashwave_UK2745d ago

Facepalm.jpg Facepalm.gif

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Domer252745d ago

Most wanted right here....

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Rocket Sauce2746d ago

Here's the scene that almost surely inspired the cargo plane bit.