Rumour: Achievements system mentioned for Wii U

IGN is claiming that an Achievements system is to be implemented in to the Wii U.

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M-Easy2744d ago

If they're smart they'll follow the trophy method. Not just numbers but levels and an ultimate achievement: the holy platinum trophy.

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sikbeta2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

But they're not going to call the system "achievements" or integrate trophies, I want to know what they're going to be... points, coins, stars...

ElementX2744d ago

How about "sparkles", LOL

"You've received 10 sparkles!"

Theyellowflash302744d ago

@M-Easy, if their even smarter they wouldn't copy MS or Sony and they would think of their own achievement system. Personally I would like the Wii U to sync with Club Nintendo accounts and you earn coins for playing games toward your Club Nintendo account. Then online you can see what coins your friends have earned. A system like that would utterly destroy Xbox achievements and Sony's trophies cause with Club Nintendo you actually get real stuff! I got a sweet a$$ 3 poster set Zelda themed from Club Nintendo.

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MattyF2744d ago

Ubisoft mentioned one their games has them but it could be UPlay Points and not tied to the Nintendo Wii U. Too early to tell.

qface642744d ago

i actually like the uplay thing i got a new game mode and gun in splinter cell because of them

if they did introduce some sort of achievement system i would hope and prefer its like the uplay thing rather than just pointless numbers and trophies

ape0072744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I agree, game rewards+ point system= win, just like ubi games or goldeneye and perfect dark(if you played em)

smash bros brawl had a cool reward system too

ape0072744d ago

imo it's a MUST, not being a crazy achievement collector but if it launched without it then something will be missing

phantomexe2744d ago

Thats big for me right there very big. And after hearing about some of those things from that ign blog. I'm almost sold to it.

carlitoskaruuz2744d ago

Nintendo Achievement System: Coins.

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