Gamers report problems on PS3 Firmware update 3.65

Product-Reviews writes: A few days ago, we informed you that sony had issued an low-key firmware update for the PS3, which was an optional download for gamers. However, a few days on and we have received numerous complaints that the PS3 update 3.65 is causing some freezing problems on certain software titles.

Let us point out straight away, that this only appears to be affecting a select number of PS3 owners, and definitely does not seem to be widespread at the moment.

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tr00p3r2744d ago

I had one freeze on Mortal Kombat yesterday which was the first time it had happened on the game.. too early to say whether it's connected to 3.65 or not.

M-Easy2744d ago

You're just trying to validate the story because you submitted it.

tr00p3r2744d ago

We'll see if other complaints start coming in.

Just because you have no issues, does not mean everyone else does not..I was just stating what happened during my MK session last night that's all mate.

Focker4202744d ago

M-Easy hit the nail right on the head.

floetry1012744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

@M-Easy & Focker, did you think perhaps that he had the problem, looked for a possible solution, came across the article and wanted to inform more people who may have had the same issue?

floetry1012743d ago

Look at the ridiculous amount of disagrees. What to learn from this: Don't even touch the fanboys.

For the record, I've been having freezing issues in Fifa 11. Whether or not it's attributed to the firmware, I don't really know.

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M-Easy2744d ago

Lol like clockwork. Every single update the exact same people have the exact same problems. This is past old. This is "The End" old (for all you MGS3 fans).

taco_tom2372744d ago

my ps3 stopped freezing after the update ^_^

Information Minister2743d ago

My PS3 doesn't freeze. It only heats up. Should I call Sony?

blackburn102744d ago

Yeah,yeah people are reporting freezes. We hear it every year with it either being minority or untrue. It's gets really monotonous.

Oldman1002744d ago

No problems for me only benefits. The in game xmb feels quicker and more responsive than it was before.

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The story is too old to be commented.