E3: PlayStation Home Sees Record Activity Levels After PSN's Return

Gamasutra: "At E3 2011, Sony’s Jack Buser revealed to Gamasutra that the company’s social platform PlayStation Home reached an all-time high in user activity levels since the PlayStation Network came back online.

“We’re having record traffic in Home,” said Buser, who serves as director for PlayStation Home. “The week we restored the service, we hit a new record in terms of weekly unique users.”

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Echo3072746d ago

Well yeah, the E3 area was live shortly after the PSN came back up. That's about the only thing Home has that the average gamer wants.

M-Easy2746d ago

I couldn't even get in on the 1st day of E3. Too much traffic.

nopunctuation2746d ago

Home has been pretty crowded lately. I think the free stuff may have had something to do with it. People were crowding in the plaza for it lol.

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SpLinT2746d ago

i was planning on going to Home just to see (not hear -_-) people's reactions to the outage, etc. But then i decided not to. but still, im sure that was a reason to go +free items .