E3 2011: Vanillaware's latest draws attention with car-wreck character design

Bitmob's Jeff Grubb is frightened by the female characters in the latest game from Muramasa developer Vanillaware.

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acronkyoung2659d ago

Holy crap those look awful.

JeffGrubb2659d ago

I can see your boner from here!

StbI9902659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

U have to be pretty much handsome to hit something like that mate!!! dayum, I bet she loved sharing her cawk with you lol.

Guess the reason behind these models is for not saturating the visualization anime character tend to carry with, they instead over-saturated them making sht completely not fapable LOL, so much pros to them for achieving that, would hit that amazon still tho.

choadley2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Reminds me of terrible disproportional DeviantArt pieces. It's not like fantasy games were lacking in female warriors with bikini armor, so I don't know how Amazon is unique.

Optical_Matrix2659d ago

I like them. They're out there. If this is a train wreck then I'd love to know what the entire cast of Gears of War are.

Inception2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

haha, totally agree!
it's funny when game such gears of wars, who full of guys & girls with steroid muscle, got praised left & right from the west media
i even never seen articles like this for gears characters

but game from japanese dev got slam because of their anime style character
and enter vanillaware - dragon's crown with muscle characters. but guess what? they stil got slam from the west media!
man, what a full hyphocrite :|

Redempteur2659d ago

s o what everyone has to make the same look for females ?

or did they not play their last games to see that there is nothing spécial going on here ?

Reibooi2659d ago

Kinda annoys me that people complain non stop about everything looking the same and then as soon as something different comes around they complain.

Even this article gives itself a flame baitish name but the writer admits that at the end of the day the characters look different and interesting. Which is a hallmark of the Vanillaware look. They have varying design all within the same game. Look at Odin Sphere for example. There where characters who look similar in proportions to the 2 examples given here and then there were characters that had more realistic proportions.

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