E3: Konami looking into Vita Compatibility for Metal Gear Solid HD titles

A staple of any PlayStation console lineup is the Metal Gear franchise from Konami and Kojima Productions. Every PlayStation console to date has had its own installment of Metal Gear, including PSP. But what about Vita? Hideo Kojima was absent from Sony's E3 press conference, but in an interview, seemed to hint that some classic Metal Gear titles may be headed to PlayStation Vita.

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sikbeta2745d ago

Something tells me that It will be true...

klado2745d ago

Uncharted alone destroy every ps2 in the GFX department, looking for what konami? if you CANNOT make it true, it just show you didn't want to.

Behold the love of playing ps2 classinc on the vita guys.

Shadow of colossus, here I come.

PirateThom2745d ago

I think the Transfarring Logo on ZoE is a big hint they plan to get these collections on Vita as well.

Baka-akaB2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

keep the good news coming . Given how much cross stuff there is , you gotta wonder how Sony didnt think of the wii u's concept too somehow .

Burning_Finger2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

MGS4 Portable...with Trophies this time..XD

DigitalRaptor2745d ago

With this news, I would instantly buy Vita - no questions asked!

Gran Touring2745d ago

I'd really like to see MGS:SoL and Snake Eater on PSV

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