Jaffe: why Europe doesn't "get" Twisted Metal

While it's always done great business in the US, OTT PlayStation car combat franchise Twisted Metal has never quite replicated that success on European shores. So, why the disparity? According to creator David Jaffe, it's all down to cultural identity.

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jony_dols2744d ago ShowReplies(5)
yamzilla2744d ago

also, twisted metal was cool like 10 years ago, it looks like crap now...the gameplay they showed so far looks like a ps2 game....maybe thats why no one cares about it

MintBerryCrunch2744d ago

you're a disgrace to your Moe Szyslak avatar

Pintheshadows2744d ago

I'm from the UK and I can't fucking wait.

Jaffe " the twat with the silver lining ".

To clarify I think he is awesome.

Ninjamonkey822744d ago

Same m8 im from Northern Ireland and this is one my top games for this year.


visiting my family in Ireland in Galway Cant wait, its been almost a 10 years!

-Ford Mustang!!!

Flashwave_UK2744d ago

im in north london the title scared me

showtimefolks2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

i have to go through europe and one thing i see when i am there is how cars like volvo,audi,saab etc,,,, sell so much more over there than here

here its about american cars but over the last 2-4 years ford and dodge have really stepped up their efforts to compete

and GT series is the real SIM racing that's why it sells forza is a mixture of arcade and SIM.(i like forza more because its kind of a little more fun to mes around while GT is for serious hardcore racers)

TM i believe will do 3-4 million lifetime sales on ps3 with this release it has its core fanbase maybe newer gamers won't try it but we who have played it since ps1 days will surely give this a shot

I am not sure whetehr you guys agree or not i believe its coming out around the wrong time or am i the only one who thinks that?

It should come Q1-Q2 2012 to get better launch window and less competition. what you all think?

Burning_Finger2744d ago

They like to Tea....bag people..XD

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The story is too old to be commented.