E3 2011: Torchlight II – The Biggest and Best Dungeon Crawler Since Diablo – Hands On - RipTen

RipTen: Torchlight II is a dungeon crawling heaven, the nirvana of loot grinding and hoard slaying.

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SpaceSquirrel2748d ago

Looking great. I hope it comes to PS3.

Invadersims2748d ago

hopefully this one will have co-op on consoles. The first one didn't and it was a dumb decision.

Spinal2748d ago

Well i do wanna play Torchlight 2. But if these devs dont bring this game out before Diablo 3 i fear the sales will be bad.

cause me and my friends wont pick this up if diablo 3 arrives at the same time or before this game.

HacSawJimThugin2748d ago

Loved the 1st and can't wait t get my hands on this one also!!

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