Final Fantasy XIII-2 to have DLC Scenarios, New Game+

Final Fantasy XIII producer Motomu Toriyama talks about some of the additions added to Final Fantasy XIII-2 in order to increase the game's replay value.

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DaThreats2743d ago ShowReplies(1)
Kamikaze1352743d ago

If it's DLC scenarios that feel like they should have been in there from the start...I'll pass. If it's entirely new stuff that expands on the story, then I'm all for it. New Game+ seems pretty cool.

Chrono2743d ago

God I hate this trend of announcing DLC scenarios much before the game release...

Kamikaze1352743d ago

It's practically like them saying:

"Look, we're going to take some content out of the game and charge you extra for it because we lost so much munnies last year!"

Xof2743d ago

But will there be levels?

I gave up on FFXIII once I got to Gran Pulse: it was too tedious to fight so many ridiculously strong monsters yet never, never feel like my party was ever getting any stronger.

Xof2743d ago

If you disagreed with my post: congratulations--you are a moron.

squallheart2743d ago

*clicks Agree* XD Seems like they are going to milk the franchise. *goes and plays ff vIII on his psp*

Ddouble2743d ago

You should have continued with the story then come back to pulse after.. You would have been much stronger.

StarCSR2743d ago

I got a whole bunch stronger on Pulse... Maybe you were just playing it wrong.

coryok2743d ago

dlc is lame, if the develoeprs want to put something in the game then they should put it in the game, dont wait 3 months then put it in the game and charge me for waiting for it

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The story is too old to be commented.