Gamers XTREME: E3 Press Conference Report Cards

Gamers Xtreme: "As you gamers are all aware, E3’s press conferences are now over and the debate between which company had the best conference is at hand. Well, here’s a recap on each of the three big conferences and our opinions on them." Find out each conference's grade after the link!

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-Assassin-2747d ago

Very detailed article. Thanks for all the info

Foxhound9222747d ago

I don't know if ninty earned an A this year, I'd say B at best. The grades to sony and microsoft seemed spot on though

GamersXTREME2746d ago

I can understand your opinion on Nintendo...there were actually a few people who tuned into our site's live blog of the event that rated Nintendo a B as well. Glad to hear you agreed with our Sony and Microsoft grades! Thanks again for checking out the article!

Foxhound9222743d ago

Yeah nintendo lost me along with all the core gamers along time ago. They are going strictly for kids and soccermoms and havnt had great ips in a LONG time. Microsofts conference was just plain insulting. They show off multiplats like they own them, slap us with more milked out halo games, and show us embarassing kinect demonstrations. Sony didnt have the greatest conference ever, but it was good. Vita looks awesome, some new ip games, cross platform gaming, awesome new 3d tv deal, and some awesome footage of UC3.