Is the PS3 Finally Getting Cross-Game Voice Chat?

NGR writes: "When it comes to features wanted by the PlayStation 3 user base, the ability to chat with anyone on your friend’s list at any time, regardless of what they’re up to on their system, has been the one the users have been craving for the longest time. This feature has been literally asked for since the very first days of the PlayStation 3 release. And don’t kid yourselves if you don’t want this feature saying it’s not useful or effective at all, there’s a reason why it’s been and currently is the most wanted feature of all times."

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DaThreats2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Be interesting, if you are able to play games on the PS3, while using the cross game chat on VITA....
Problems solved! ;D

longcat2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Laptop - skype - uninterrupted chat with video - srsly

inveni02748d ago

I'm not sure why they'd bring it to Vita and NOT to PS3 (or at least PSN+). I'd say it's a safe bet that we'll get it...just not sure why it's taking so long, or why they'd wait to release it with/after Vita.

EXID2748d ago

i don't know why the disagrees w/ pedobear... i actually use skype to talk to friends while gaming and it works REALLY well. though, i guess not everyone has a laptop or ipad/ipod touch at their disposal. but yeah, x-game chat would still be nice to have on ps3.

Therealspy032748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

last night my friend and i had to turn on our xboxes to chat while playing sad is that?

@adaminy: probably cuz if i had to use my PC headset to chat while on my ps3, the sound would be muffled through my headphones. and if you're just using the mic and speakers of the laptop, you'd have constant background noise. either way, this is a feature that should simply be built into PSN and it's amazing to me that it still isn't.

BeOneWithTheGun2748d ago

I just want party feature. idont need to talk to frieds in other games i want to talk to friends in my game withou listening to all the other dinks in the room.

lil Titan2748d ago

i hope but if this is just ANOTHER rumor no harm done

FragMnTagM2748d ago

@therealspy, I have done that several times in the past to keep up with friends on the PS3. Text chatting while playing different games is just plain painstaking process even with a typing pad add on.

If the PS3 got that feature, I would sure as hell play my PS3 more. Lately I have been playing my PC and XBOX a lot more. I give the PS3 love from time to time, but mostly for single player games. Multiplayer for me is on the XBOX or the PC.

SupraDOHC2748d ago

Skype probably isn't an option anymore since Microsoft now owns it.....

khamvongsa092748d ago

So your assuming that everyone has a device that is capable of Skype right next to them when they are playing PS3? I don't really find this point valid..

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Oxymoron0282748d ago

I'm fairly certain they announced the Party system to be part of PSS, which if so then that means yes, CGC is coming to the PS3.

WhittO2748d ago

I thought PSS was just referring to the PS1/Minis etc, not actual network features?
Can't see them having cross game chat on the Xperia Play which is a part of the PSS.

Persistantthug2748d ago

PS3 has had a vast array of CHAT FEATURES for quite some time, some of them are better than the XBOX 360's (13 total user VOICE chatroom for example).

If you go into almost anygame I have now, UNCHARTED 2, BFBC2--I just Bout Red Dead for $20 2 days ago, so I'll check the online today--and others like GTA4, Orange BOX, I guarantee if any of you or myself go into those games, LESS than half the people will be using mics. Many PS3 folks hardly even use the VIDEO and VOICE chat.

So if PS3 users in general and as a majority, don't use chat features.....Why should Sony spend more resources giving us MORE chat?

That just doesn't make sense to me.

Biggunz2748d ago

maybe because some people want party chat so it can also be used as private chat. The only games I play online are ones that have a private channel for friends only.

FACTUAL evidence2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )


How in the fuck do you know who uses the chat room or not? Show me the statistics....I'm not going to say a lot does use it, but I have 100 friends on psn and more than 60 of them uses the chat room...

I sort of blame sony a little for the lack of chat on PSN...Maybe if they did a smart bundle with bundling the mic with the ps3 then it wouldn't be a problem for most...Anyway a lot of people tend to have mics. I notice no one really uses them unless they are with friends, instead of just using it to blast music like XBL.

Ravenor2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I end up muting 90% of the people in almost any game except MAG on the PS3. But I can tell you cross game chat would probably fix that, instead of listening to two people jabber on in french or whatever they can have their own private channel.

kikizoo2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Most of the time the one who ask for that features "when when when ??" are xbox fans without ps3... :)

most of the games have a party chat, and most of the gamers don't want to be disturbed when they play by people who are not playing....but it's a good thing if you can choose to use it, not an important thing, but another evolution (like video chat, etc)

by the way, if it's "the more wanted feature", it's just because ps3 has all the others..

ChronoJoe2748d ago

@Factual Evidence

Sony frequently bundled mics with popular games in the past, like MGS, Warhawk and Socom.

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TBM2748d ago

Usually my friends know not to bother me when im gaming with usless stuff that can wait till im done especially if im playing a great single player game.

Usually ill just chat to them before I play, and if we happen to play the same game then we can talk while playing.

They can implement if they want but personally wont be using it.

FragMnTagM2748d ago

I guess some people are a-social, or just get that wrapped up in a game. I do sometimes too, but chatting with friends and catching up with them is something I can do while I enjoy my games.

Multi-tasking is hard to do. I often don't have a hell of a lot of time to game and it is nice to be able to chat with my friends that are overseas serving in Iraq or accross the country.

It is an awesome feature for me and millions of other people.

mastiffchild2748d ago

Just as many dislike it though and, I suppose, having game settings where you can disable it entirely for people like me who find it KILLS team games like TF2 or allow it for a full group of people who like the feature. the ghosting can also effed off for me and I still never understood why nobody can wait five minutes to talk to a mate thereby giving them their full attention and their full attention to those they game with. From my angle XGC IS the anti social option as it divides your attention which is, to me, plain rude. Just the way I feel about it and I dread it turning up on PSN.

People are tending only to look at their positive view of it and ignoring those that either don't use or actively don't like the feature. It's not something EVERYONE ants invading their gaming or that they enjoy on Live you know? Some gamers just aren't capable, either, of chatting with mates aND playing well. And as for those who use it to cheat...they're another species entirely.

TBM2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )


Sorry dude but im complete opposite of anti social its just that I talk to a lot of people during the day at my job (sanitation) some how are complete nutbags and the last thing I want to do when I get home after a long day of work is talk to more people (even my friends); I just want to relax and game for a bit before talking to anyone.

There is nothing wrong with that. Also I don't like having my single player experience interrupted im a story heavy kinda gamer who likes all his attention focused on the story.

marinelife92748d ago

Did anyone bother to ask Sony about it?

All those "journalists" there with access to the Sony execs you figure someone would have asked them directly.

showtimefolks2748d ago

i was very surprised when the psvita cross game chat was announced. I think ps3 owners will get it soon enough now i read in gameinformer that EA is the reason sony doesn't have cross game chat.

i am not sure why EA but that's what i read

The Great Melon2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I think the EA situation you were talking about had something to do with an many of their games being incompatible with the implementation of CGC that Sony wanted. This rumour is however really old I think, so who knows if there is any truth in it.

dantesparda2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Aint happening, forget about cross game chat! Sony just cant do it on the PS3. This and trophies for MGS4 will never happen.

Dlacy13g2748d ago

needing a second device to do cross game chat is not problem solved. That is merely a work around.

nopunctuation2748d ago

If NGP can do it so can ps3.

Gamer_Z2748d ago

Better late than never

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M-Easy2749d ago

I think its a misconception that most users want CGC. I sure the hell have no need for it and no one on my friends list would be dumb enough to try to chat with me while I'm waist deep in Uncharted 3. CGC is mainly just a bullet point fanboys pointed at to disregard PSN. If I wanted to chat with someone I'd call them.

PirateThom2749d ago

This. As long as you're playing a game and it has built in clan/party chat, I can't see a need for CGC... it's sort of a pointless extra. I'm open to suggestions for why I'd need to talk to someone playing a different game to me, certainly not for tactical reasons.

-Alpha2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

First, the large majority of users on the PS Shareblog want CGC.

I can just as well say that fanboys disregard Cross Chat to act as if XBL doesn't have that feature to add to the bulletpoint. Excuses like "Just use a phone" are clearly silly in that you don't know the numbers of all your PSN friends nor is holding a phone convenient when gaming.

As for uses, it's simple: if you send text messages or carry conversations to anyone on your friend's list while in-game or joined a text party (and I'm sure you all have) then Cross Chat (and voice messaging) is the logical, efficient evolution of that.

Getting pulled out of a game to load up the XMB to text is not an ideal way to send messages when compared to popping up a button to initiate a chat and having a quick, fast conversation.

You may not want cross chat, but it's clear the majority do. Not all games have a built in party chat either, and there are many other scenarios where it's simply a great feature to have

Sometimes I have friends who want to chat about E3 or guys who want to join clans, and it'd be such a timesaver to multitask/speak with multiple people at once.

PirateThom2749d ago

I never said the large majority didn't want it, I just said I didn't have a use for it. I'm all for implimenting it, for people who do want it, but I think there's way more important things that could be implimented, really.

-Alpha2749d ago

You may not have personal use for it, and that's fine, but I think it's about time we get it: using text rooms and text chat is all rather archaic and slow. It's just a matter of efficiency. There'll always be features more important, but they should start somewhere, and why not with the one feature that is not only most requested but also one of the most helpful for common use

It's clear that they want to-- text rooms are blatantly used for the lack of voice chat. If Sony could I'm sure they would have already. What's holding them back, I'm sure, is MS patenting. Which is why the cross platform Vita integration could work for them

Optical_Matrix2748d ago

I used to say the same thing. I got an Xbox in december. Its one of the best features on the machine. It's just convenient. Whats better? Having to bring up the XMB during a game to talk to a friend, or having a party where you can just talk via headset when you see fit? This is coming from an avid PS3 gamer (you all know I am). Cross game chat is a great feature and I can't wait for it in PS Vita.

I use it to just talk to my friends. It's like a jam. We sit back, play our own games, and talk to each other about anything. It's just a nice comfortable social backdrop to enjoy gaming.

Elwenil2748d ago

My issue with CGC is the effect it will have on teamwork in games. Sure, the people in your chat can work together but what about other teammates in the game that are not on your channel? Why not leave the chat in the game where everyone can benefit from it. My son has a 360 and 9 times out of 10, he will have 6 or 8 friends in chat and 2 of them are playing one game, two are playing another, etc, etc. If it were used more for the actual game I might have liked it but it seems the majority of users just use it for a cheap telephone to BS.

I've used Teamspeak and Ventrilo on PC gaming for years and RogerWilco before that, if any of you is old enough to remember it, so I know what a distraction random chat can be. It has to be structured in some way to prevent cheating, distraction and just general stupidity. If this crap is implemented, I sure as hell will not be using it.

nnotdead2748d ago

while Alpha makes some good points, i don't get the text is archaic thought. even with CGC i would use it more, just like i text more than i call friends using a phone. write out a message, and when they get to they can return the message, and when i have time i can check back. i don't want to be in the middle of an important story point when someone randomly asks a dumb question, which causes me to miss what is being said on screen.

the only time i thought a use for CGC or party chat could be help full, is when i was play with a large group of people in MAG. that was just bad design, and has now been fixed.

i do agree Sony needs to get it done. it really does seem it's the one thing a lot of people want, and even though i say i don't need it, i bet i still will end up using it at some point.

Elwenil2748d ago

I don't think it's the actual text that archaic, it's the way it's done on the PS3. As big of a fan of Sony and PS3 as I am, I do have to admit the XMB is very clunky while in game and the whole text keyboard on the screen just takes forever to get your point across. I think we need something better, just not CGC. I do wish we could leave voice messages like on XBL, but no CGC.

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admiralvic2748d ago

I disagree its the most requested feature second to none but maybe ps2 playability (which HD classics basically killed.). The thing I dont get about CGC is why its so popular? Unlike the xbox which for as long as ive known came with a mic... the PS3 doesnt and several users dont bother with a mic.

Hellas132748d ago

Several users don't bother with a mic beacause they don't want to speak to you (not you personaly).They want to speak to their friends.

thebudgetgamer2749d ago

i can see why people would want it, but not me. i barely want to talk too my friends on the phone let alone while i'm relaxing after a long day of work and school.