PlayStation VITA Games Pricing Revealed

Dual Pixels - PlayStation VITA is just at a fabulous price, for me, you, and everyone else who wants all the power in the palm of their hands. Although PS VITA's hardware price was officially revealed the other day, the individual prices of titles for VITA haven't. According to Gamestop, they will be very cheap.

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Abash2056d ago

Uncharted: Golden Abyss for $40? You're too good to us gamers Sony

CrazyForGames2056d ago

if these games really were going to be 40 sony would have said so on stage

a low price on games is a bigger deal/announcement than a low price on the system

Shackdaddy8362056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

I'll agree with this. 40 bucks just doesn't sound right either. It's gotta be more...

superadvanced2056d ago

hmm i think this might be too low. but then again i never would have thought 250 300 for the vita

looza2056d ago

But do they ever talk about price of games on stage? Maybe bundles but not individual games. Just saying.

dedicatedtogamers2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Hey, let's not forget that this would not be the first time Sony surprised us with price. Modern Sony is not 2006 Sony.

A $40 Vita game on a $250 Vita (same exact prices as 3DS) would force people to ask: do I want 3D which gives me a headache, or do I want Vita?

Journalists also neglect to mention that the 3DS is being outsold in Japan right now by the PSP on a month-to-month basis.

Price equality was not part of the equation in the PSP vs DS war. DS had the price advantage in games and in system. Now the field is even. Hmmm.

sikbeta2056d ago

That price is Win, please Sony *do it*

TheDivine2056d ago

I dissagree 40 is high for a handheld shoud be 30-35 max but psp games were 40 right so its prob a given.

Skip_Bayless2056d ago

It should be $49.99. It's disrespectful to price content like this for so little.

zeeshan2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

@Madden: You are an idiot!

Hustle Kings for $40? Hmmm... isn't that a PSN game? How much does it go there?

Masta_fro2056d ago

you know whats awesome? That even if i dont buy any games at launch, i still have over 20 minis and over 10 ps original titles to transfer to my psv.

Im a playstation plus user btw...

I_find_it_funny2056d ago


I feared 50 as Sony is selling Vita below production cost. This is awesome.


I don't know if I consider this pretty cheap, that's just what I expected.

Console games cost 60, I don't see why handheld games would cost more than 2/3 that price. We are talking of usually shorter games, with less overall quality (tech wise) than console full games.

But I could had been too optimistic since this is coming out just before a generation change, which could as well change the price on console games.

Sure there are handheld games that give this console-handheld barrier the finger and are just as good if not better and, in an ideal world, all games would be priced by their quality, so we could indeed have some games costing more than 40 but definetely would also exist many games costing less.

Anyway, this is not a perfect world and if they have to state an average MSRP, 40 bucks is exactly what I expected.

SilentNegotiator2056d ago

Gamestop? Yeah, and God of War 3 released in fall 2009, right?

I wouldn't take any info from Gamestop with more than a grain of salt.

I suspect $50, but $40 might be right.

JL2056d ago

A key point some people are missing here: Gamestop is taking pre-orders at this price. That means they can't charge you more for it. They have a policy that will allow you to pay the lower price if the price drops before release, but they can't raise the price on you.

That being said, there's no way they would put these prices and start taking pre-orders at that price if they didn't know it wasn't going to be $40.

afterMoth2055d ago

Sony, always offering the best value in consoles!! Their displays are too much these days but gaming, yeah!!

NarooN2055d ago

People said the same thing about the PSP back in 2004.

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nopunctuation2056d ago

Is it a downloadable game or is some new disc being used? I could see 40 bucks if its a downloadable game.

KillerPwned2056d ago

They use cards like nintendo`s handhelds and downloads just like PS3 uses disk and downloads.

fatstarr2056d ago

its easy
ask your question look what nintendo does
and sony copies it handheld edition.

this gen is gonna come down to the games imo.

the only way id buy a psv is if kh3 came out for it exclusively.

why doesn't anyone else see this o.o

vbrsfaske2056d ago Show
Jezuz2055d ago


WOW, you seriously need to relax ! are you seriously getting angry over what someone said over the internet on a gaming site ?

vbrsfaske2055d ago Show
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MariaHelFutura2056d ago

PSMove games are the same price.

ngecenk2056d ago

well that really depends on the content. should wait more on details about the game before judging the price.

MastaMold2055d ago

Hope this is true but will wait for offical word from Sony

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EYEamNUMBER12056d ago

if you expect me to believe NGP games will be 40 bucks when PS3/360 games are 60 then i don't buy it for a second

50 tops is more believable to me

Muletroid2056d ago

gamestop are the ones that said 3DS games would be 50 dollars

a_bro2056d ago

prepare to be shocked again then. the System is easy to develop for, think about that for a second.

EYEamNUMBER12056d ago

at this point the ps3 and 360 are very easy to develop for
where is my price drop in games then?

Thesonygeniuses2055d ago


If you think ps3 and 360 are very easy to develop for, you obviously havent worked or seen anything behind the scenes of the video game industry.

blumatt2056d ago

Day one buy. It's good to see the games aren't going to cost me a bunch. Can't wait to play this thing!

metsgaming2056d ago

40-50 no way its more or less. 40 would be best obviously

CobraKai2056d ago

I wish they showed more of Vita's other features during the Uncharted demo. We all know the basic touch screen functions, but I wanted to see how the touch pad on the back would work, or if the cameras would be integrated.