Supreme Court game-bill ruling may come tomorrow

Legislation author Leland Yee issues statement indicating US high court will imminently issue verdict on industry-targeting bill; press conference planned.

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DaThreats2694d ago

yes, less 12 year olds screaming with their high pitch voices in my multi-player

Tommykrem2693d ago

Can definitely agree with that, but I'm not for games being treated like it was alcohol. I'm more for games being treated like movies and other entertainment products. It shouldn't be that hard for a parent to take some responsibility, even easier in the coming generations when parents are more and more likely to have grown up with gaming.

Kamikaze1352694d ago

I thought this was already against the law, lol.

Neko_Mega2693d ago

This will fail, mom and dad will just pick up the game for the 10year or 8year kid.

People seem to forget theirs a hole in this plan.

jeremyKX2693d ago

The court is thankfully conservative. They will probably strike down this law. :)

Tommykrem2693d ago

Yeah, but games represent the change here, so this could go either way :O

Armadilo2693d ago

This is bull shit if this passes than were going to become just like Australia, I say if this passes lets march and let us be heard. I bet you these people only play E for Everyone titles

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