Capcom Sales Continue with 50% Off

Last weekend Capcom began slashing prices on some of their top selling titles from their online store. This week, Capcom sales continue at ImpulseDriven is offering 50% off of select Capcom games on their website.

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Cwalk8162743d ago

I guess since the price is down dead rising 2 is worth picking up now.

Yi-Long2743d ago

... so I could finally pick up Puzzle Fighter.

Mattman3102743d ago

Hey, you might want to save your money. Dead Rising 2: Off The Record is just around the corner.

TheFodi2743d ago

I like to wait and get my games cheap if I can. Paying full price for new games is ridiculous.

The Great Melon2743d ago

Same here. I just wait a month or two for every game I purchase. Else I wouldn't be able to afford the large number of games that buy.

carlitoskaruuz2743d ago

They should keep the price at %50 off for what the games are worth now. :D