First PS Vita games listed for 60€

A first price for the PlayStation Vita's games has appeared on the Net. And it seems games will be sold for 60€ in Europe.

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DigitalRaptor2750d ago

60€? The games will be £30 max.

Colmshan19902750d ago

I agree.
It's probably a placeholder.

Dark_Vendetta2750d ago

I really hope so, because 60 bucks would be too much for me to be honest.

WhittO2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Ye I's say new Vita games with launch for £29.99.

Burning_Finger2750d ago

Sony said that PSVita are cheaper to it means cheaper price for the games.. $39 at most..

Shazz2750d ago

games for a handheld wont cost more than new ps3 games , id say £30 max

Infernostew2750d ago

Preorders on GS website is $39.99. They wouldn't have the prices if that were not the case since if it was more expensive then they would have to honor the original preorder price.

heylo2750d ago

€44,99 for 3rd party AAA's should be the highest price for a Vita game

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