E3 2011: 'Give Mass Effect 3 Kinect a chance' - BioWare

BioWare co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka has urged fans to give the Kinect features in Mass Effect 3 a chance.

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DA_SHREDDER2744d ago

use a camera for things i can use a regular mic for? Um okay?

kingdoms2744d ago

The 360 has a regular camera with a multi array microphone, 3D binacular night vision with advanced processors and software?

Just_The_Truth2744d ago

dude calm down 3d and microphone placement doesn't matter because the games only supporting voice which you can use a regular mic for which is why he doesn't need kinect get it. You so busy trying to make him look dumb and you yourself now looks like an idiot.

maddfoxx2743d ago

Yeah, because you need all of that stuff for voice recognition.

JokesOnYou2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

I have a simple solution for the kinect haters:
Pretend 360 version of ME3 doesnt have a voice recognition feature. Pretend that Bioware never stated that kinect allows easy implementation for voice recognition. Pretend they are just making up an excuses and it really is a easy/lowcost feature to implement, which is why of course sony has made it an option in every game since socom on ps2. Pretend micro/devs are delusional and kinect is simply a overpriced microphone. Pretend as you always do that you know better than the devs themselves. Pretend you have more talent, more experience, and are more creative than the guys who make these great games. Pretend youre not online reading this post waisting your great talent with a random gamer like me.

Now breathe a sigh of relief just relax and enjoy what will no doubt be one helluva game on your ps3.

-Alpha2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Not saying the integration isn't worth a chance, but it adds very little and no one is going to buy a Kinect for something as insignificant as speaking out your lines when you can just press a button. Those that have it may try it out, but I doubt they will have the patience to act out lines.

Give us something more concrete to work with it and we will purchase the product to try out. That's how it works: give us something appealing and worth buying

When it comes to RPGs I'd rather the technology be used to do something like sell/purchase items at a shop. That'd be cool. Instead of scrolling through inventory and looking for what to buy you can just state what you want and how many. That's actually efficient. Don't know if ME3 does that, but speaking out lines isn't ideal

Or, even cooler, DON'T give us any lines and let us say whatever we want. That'd be impressive. But Kinect isn't even necessary for that

Rainstorm812744d ago

What makes it kinda dumb is the wayy Mass Effect is set up.....

Shepard will say his own lines anyway, so you speaking the line prior is just redundant, not to mention my choice via controller is much simpler and streamlined.

perfectCarbonara2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Exactly, now I have to actually read the lines, where as in ME and ME2 I just quickly skimmed over them to get the gist of it, then select what I want to say based on that by hitting a simple button.

And the disconnect is even larger now because Shepard never exactly says what we say. In the past this wasn't really a problem because you never said shit out loud. It was all in your mind.

Now with Kinect, you say the sentence out loud and Shepard stubbornly says something different, just feels weird to me.

They should just let you say A, B, C, or D. Or better yet, they should forget about it all together.

Ilikegames762744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

The majority of the consumer who bought Kinect are casual gamers. Family who have children and grandparents. In my opinion, they're not going to flock to this game like hardcore gamers do to COD or Halo.

Reibooi2744d ago

One of biggest complaints with it is the break in immersion. When you have to stop read the line you wanna say and then say it out loud and hear Shepard say it back it breaks the immersion instantly. On top of the fact that not all people play the same gender Shepard. I for example play the female Shepard and the disconnect would be massive if I as a male spoke to control my Female character. It makes no sense.

The battle stuff while slightly more interesting is much easier and more reliable with a controller(what if you say a command in the heat of battle that is vital and the game doesn't hear it? well you are screwed while the button press will always work)

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Bigpappy2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

From what I understand, it has more functionality than reading line, like you guys are saying. You also get to command your crew in battle. This I know for sure will be great for people who already have Kinect. Would it make more people buy? I can not say at this point if that will be the case, because I have not used any of the feature yet. As I do already have Kinect, I will be trying all of this feature, in ME3 and Ghost, to see if they are worth my time.
What I would say now about the features, is that I think this is the right approach the developer should be taking with any new tech (Kinect, Move, 3D, ...). THey need to uses what they feel might add to their game but make the features optional when adding to existing games.
People who do not own or have no interest in Kinect should be indiffent to the features. This is exactly what many core gamers who bought Kinect were looking for when they decided to purchase the unit. They want developer to explore the possibilities and use what works to enhance or add to the gameplay experiences. If Bioware see this as something that works well in their game, I am happy to get the oppotunity to try it for myself.

-Alpha2744d ago

I forgot about that, sorry.

But it's not something you can't do with a mic either

Bigpappy2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

@Alpha: It all sound like it can work with a mic, but that does not make it a useless feature. Kinect is not just a carera with a mic, it has speech reconition and filtering software, which can also convert that speech into readable text. I am not saying Bioware is relying on the Kinect software, I am just mentioning that as a possiblity. M$ uses that speech tech in Sync and Bing also.

theIMP2743d ago

@ -Alpha
To be honest I really don't think these are features that are meant to "sell" Kinects. It's a nice little bonus for those of us who already own one. To me it's pretty much the same as having the option to use Move in a game. Do you need to by Move to play the game? No, but it's nice to have the option. All I've heard from the PS3 camp since this was announced,(not saying you are one of them, I think you are one of the most level headed people on this site) is you can use a mic, you can use a mic, you can use a mic, until I'm sick to death of it. Where are you same people in the KZ3 articles, and all the other games that you can use Move in? shouldn’t you be in those articles saying “but you can use a controller”? It's just an option, I swear I've heard all you same people talk about how great the options PS3 gives you are. Why are options all of a sudden bad when the 360 gives them to you? Pretty hypocritical if you ask me, and I've tried voice command games with a mic and I can tell you none of them worked as well as Kinects voice command feature does. It's worked flawlessly for me, but whatever I know as well as you do no matter what MS does you all will hate.

Theyellowflash302744d ago

Mass effect on the Wii U would be way better.

Theyellowflash302744d ago

Its likely to happen with EA announcing a partnership with Nintendo.

- People said Mass Effect 2 wasn't coming to the PS3 and it did. Mass Effect 3 at the launch of Wii U would sell very well.

Rainstorm812744d ago

im not sure how well it would sell as Mass Effect isnt really a game that caters to the Nintendo crowd.

What nintendo would need is a massive adopt rate by core gamers, seeing as thought "its a system for everyone" Im skeptical

Also how many people are going to give up thier 360 or PS3 and buy the Wii U just to play the same games that are available on 360 and PS3.

VampiricDragon2744d ago

cant I use a headset for this?

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