Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time E3 2011 Preview - Gameranx

GR - "A new preview with the developers of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time outed the studio's plans for the game."

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Tommykrem2744d ago

Nolan North will be voicing Sly? Hmm... If it's him doing the voice in the trailer, then I can hardly even tell the difference between Kevin Miller and him. Nolan North is great, but it can be a bit freaky to have Nathan Drake's voice in every game, so if he changes his voice a bit for this role then sure enough! Really looking forward to see some gameplay footage.

Abash2744d ago

Nope, Nolan North will be voicing a tiger villain character. Sly's and Bentley's VAs are confirmed back :)

Tommykrem2743d ago

So the site is wrong? Or perhaps they mean "will be voicing Sly (the game, not the character)" which would make sense even thought it's a bit confusing. Well, I'm sure you're right and it's always good to have the original actors back.