GamePro - Machinarium PS3 Preview: Amazing

GamePro: Even though it's been out for almost 18 months, most people haven't heard of Machinarium. Released initially on PC and Mac, it's a point and click adventure/puzzle game that features absolutely gorgeous hand-drawn graphics. It pretty much slipped under most peoples' radar (including mine), but I'm hoping that now it's coming to PS3 (and, according to developer Amanita Design to iPad, PlayBook and other compatible tablets), this time around it'll get the recognition it deserves

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floetry1012746d ago

Quite simply, if you haven't played this, you need to.

I bought this on Steam about a year ago and the soundtrack is mind-boggling.

I'm hoping for a sequel to this bad-boy in the near future.

MinusTheBear2746d ago

It is one of the hardest side-scrolling Puzzle games I have ever played. I absolutely loved the game.

thief2746d ago

Agrre completley
Buy this game. Its great.