Multiplatform Games On The Wii U, PS4, And Next Xbox

Geek Revolt writes "Gamers are assuming that the Wii U will be a generation behind once the PS4 and Next Xbox come out. Looking at the current generation, it’s obvious why some gamers may feel this way. But there’s a chance that all three consoles will share the same multiplatform games, here are a few things everyone should consider."

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fluffydelusions2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I hope this isn't the case than that means WiiU will be holding things back from 3rd parties since they typically cater to the lowest denominator. WiiU is more current gen than next.

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DeeZee2748d ago

At this point, it might be unfair to say if it's more current gen than next. Since the final specs haven't been released.

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DeeZee2748d ago

I know it'll be running current generation games, but that doesn't mean it isn't capable of exceeding those graphical standards.

cannon88002748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I think that it will work fine but not great with the next gen consoles. Here's why. The modified R700 from ati that they're using supports directX10.1 which actually has tessellation support. It's not as great as the dx11 cards which have way more tessellation units. Units are basically like dedicated processors just for tessellation. Tessellation is a big deal for now and for the future because it helps add tons of more polygons to characters and everything else that you see on-screen. The downside is that if you have little tessellation units, your graphics card is going to have a hard time trying to render all that's on the screen with decent frames. More units is better. Just look at the nvidia cards. They have tons of tessellation units. But the developers don't have to use any of this tessellation tech actually they can just make their games more detailed thanks to all the extra Vram and sheer power of the gpu.

chadwarden2748d ago

Developers have to work on 3 consoles for real now instead of 2 and a cameo appearance on the 3rd. This better not cause too many comprises.

Vegetom2748d ago

Next gen will also have better lighting/shadow effects, better textures, better AI, more characters on screen. If it runs 1080p doesn't mean it can do the same...

nopunctuation2748d ago

Knowing nintendo, it is not crazy to think that wii u will have low spec standards since pretty much every nintendo console has been that way and wiis success wont couse them to change that strategy. I dont see wii u having anything special under the hood and with people demanding more and more from technology, that could work against nintendo.

Muletroid2748d ago


spec wise the SNES was above the genesis
spec wise the N64 was above the ps1
spec wise the GC was above the ps2

it was only until the wii that nintendo gave the middle finger to specs and it was all the consumers fault for ignoring them when their specs were up to par

TenkoTAiLS2748d ago

Erm, not really. Snes was better equipped than the Mega Drive. Nintendo 64 was better than the PS1 and Saturn tech wise but suffered due to cartridge size, the Gamecube was better tech wise than the PS2. Only the Wii was at the low end during it's run as far as tech and power goes. The last few generations of console gaming the underdog always seems to come out on top. Even if it was only capable of current gen output (which no one knows with no specs to look at) it's not far fetched to think it could still compete strongly and even come out on top if it has the games and support.

nopunctuation2748d ago

N64 used a cartrige when it should have been using a CD at the time. That severely cut its potential. Same went with the gamecube with that mini disc which is why gamecube games looked worse than ps2 games most of the time. Its a strategy nintendo has been following for years. Cut corners to lower the price and sell faster. That wont change anytime soon because it works.

Merivigian2748d ago

No load times = win in my book.

vishant1012748d ago

@ merivigan

best thing bout zelda: oot and mario 64 not a single load scene above 5s

Doctolul2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I'd be willing to bet Microsoft follow with only a marginal graphical upgrade to their next console and focus more of their efforts to improving Kinect's functionality. Sony will sort of be the odd one out with significantly stronger hardware next gen to differentiate itself from the other consoles and also keep pushing 3D as a primary aspect. So we'll have Nextbox and WiiU kinda duking it out for both hardcore and casual gamers by having systems that appeal to both. WiiU vs. an upgraded Kinect for the casuals and both still supporting regular high-res games for the core gamers. Meanwhile Sony kinda rides above them (or below depending on your perspective) by not going after the casual market which it knows it cant win against its competitors and instead focus on just being the most powerful 3D multimedia machine on the market that also has strong ties to the PS Vita for cross functionality.

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