Wii U to Support Only One Tablet?

Although this is still unconfirmed, a Nintendo rep has apparently stated that the Wii U will be bundled with a single tablet, and that you can not buy extras.

This would be a major disappointment for many, as it could severely limit multiplayer in most traditional games.

The rep stated that this is because the games in development are focused around a mechanic of one person using the tablet and the others using Wii remotes, which sounds admittedly awesome as an option for certain games, but not so much as a requirement for all of them.

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Trunkz Jr2743d ago

Main word tho is: unconfirmed.

If true, that would truly suck, who wants to play MP games where 1 person gets the advantage? I wanna play something like goldeneye where my friends can't look off my screen lol

Jdoki2743d ago


When Miyamoto was asked the same question he said they were still looking in to it.

Makes me think that Nintendo are still quite early in testing for this. And only managed a limited demo for E3 (hence using PS3/360/PC footage, and not showing the console itself properly).

fluffydelusions2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

I'd be curious just to know how much one costs. There is no doubt it costs more than $100. Also the analog sticks are said to be similar to that of the 3DS which IMO sucks.

Mr Blings2744d ago

for more traditional multi player games just use the wii classic controller. That has the dual sticks n such. Just a guess. being able to have at least two slates would be nice though.

carlitoskaruuz2743d ago

I thought i saw in one of the 3rd party interviews that 4 people can play on their tablets while another 4 can play on the Wii remote. I can't remember where i saw that but i hope its true.

Jamaicangmr2743d ago

Gotta be a hugh misunderstanding. For that wouldn't make sense at all. Lets just wait till Nintendo clears this up for us before the internet goes into a frenzy over nothing.

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The story is too old to be commented.