Coming to PS Plus: Midnight Club LA, NHL Arcade Discount, Streets of Rage 2 Free

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Hi everyone,

As you know, the Welcome Back Program is well underway and we hope you’ve already taken the time to get your two free games, but if you’re yearning for even more content, well – yearn no longer. Today we’re announcing all of the content coming to PlayStation Plus in two publishes on June 14 and 21.

As a reminder, PlayStation Plus works on a bi-weekly publish schedule, with the free games (PS3, PS one, and two PS minis) coming once a month to Plus. The next set of free games start on July 5, and will be announced in a June 22 post.

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Yes, also Killzone 3 DLC for Free PS Plus users.

showtimefolks2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

so this content is there as long as we are active members right?

i will signup full time its worth it so much free and discounted content that i will get my money's worth within first few months


so once i download streets of rage 2 i have 2 weeks to play it than it will automatically disappear and i can download something else?

what if i want to keep streets of rage can't i do that as long as i am a ps-plus member?

SilverSlug2748d ago

Its all dated. So Streets of Rage will be up for a couple of weeks, taken down and replaced with another PSN game.

You will always have 2 PSN games up, 1 PSone classic and a few Minis.

Not to mention avatars, themes that are yours to keep forever.

Also DLC & Discounts.

harrisk9542747d ago

You can keep the free PS Plus content as long as you are a PS Plus member... You don't lose the stuff you downloaded after 2 weeks... The content is up on PS Plus for a few weeks and then gets rotated out, but once you download it, it is yours until your PS Plus subscription runs out.

Elwenil2747d ago

What SilverSlug is saying is that the content on the store is always rotating in and out. A free or discounted game that is up this week may only be up for a few weeks, then it's taken down and replaced with something else. If you download a free game, it's yours for as long as you continue the PS+ service. If you buy a discounted game, it's yours forever. If a game deal is taken off PS+ and replaced by something else, you still get to keep your copy of it as long as you are a PS+ member if it was free or if you purchased it, regardless if you stay a Plus member or not. In other words, free games are for current Plus members, discounted games everyone keeps and their presence (or lack thereof) on the PS Store have nothing to do with you keeping the game.

saoco2748d ago

looking forward to streets of rage 2. it's been a long time.

Octo12748d ago

I downloaded it free last week for my EU account.Had I known it was coming to NA I wouldn't have even bothered. Brought back memories though and the trophy support is nice :)

saoco2748d ago

what!!! like.

RufustheSage2748d ago

Streets of Rage Remake, free on PC. . .just sayin.

the_kutaragi_baka2748d ago

yeha, but they no have suport trophies..

Redempteur2748d ago

it's free with PS+ too ( with trophies )

Just sayin...

LOGICWINS2748d ago

Free? I had the impression that you only get to keep it for as long as your a PS+ member. The people taking advantage of the free month of PS Plus are RENTING the game..not keeping it.

Redempteur2748d ago

yeah because the "FREE" version on PC is perfectly legal , right ?

RufustheSage2744d ago


It is legal, the creators didn't charge a thing for it.
Google it and get a better quality product.

Redempteur2744d ago

can you be even more late ?

anyway... it's so legal they had trouble with it at launch ...

but i get you're seriously telling me than a fan remake s better than the original ( unchanged ) with trophies ..

to each abd his own i guess .

i'd rather play the original

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Burning_Finger2748d ago

Sony's is the new Bob..

They keep on giving. :)

Son_Lee2748d ago

All these Sega games coming to PS+, love it!

Who else here besides me would LOVE to see the first four Phantasy Star games remade in HD? A gamer can dream..

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