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Prototype 2 has been in development since its predecessor was released in 2009, and it aims to be as brutal and thrilling as ever. Yes, you will still be able to glide, climb up walls at lightning speeds, and utterly annihilate targets with a variety of weapons and attacks, but most importantly, it hopes to improve upon just about every facet of the original.

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NJShadow2744d ago

Didn't really get into the first one due to Infamous, but maybe I'll give this one a go.

insertcoin2744d ago

Some of the promotional items made it seem like God of War... thank goodness that it's just a better Prototype.

knifefight2744d ago

Oh I thought this was for the Japanese visual novel of the same name. I was like "How the hell is that getting a stateside release...?"
This looks better.

dbjj120882744d ago

Didn't play the first, am I missing out?

BigWoopMagazine2744d ago

Not entirely. It's a fun game, the powers are awesome fun, but the controls are seriously clustered, and the graphics were really sub par. Cleaning up all of that will make the sequel pretty good though, so I do have high hopes.

Ares842743d ago

You aren't missing out on anything. I got bored with the game really fast. It's fun for a while but inFamous is much much better if you are looking for a "superhero" game.

kramun2743d ago

As much as people on here hate the first game (mostly fanbois of a certain other game) I actually loved it, so I'm quite looking forward to this.

It had a lot going for it, although the amount of powers you gained rapidly could be overwhelming at times and it could be frustrating in places. It was a very solid enjoyable game overall though, and screamed out for a sequel. I'll be keeping an eye out for it.

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