GamerGaia: Reasons For and Against the Fabled Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Every time Square Enix announces a new Final Fantasy game, there’s one question on a lot of people’s lips. It’s an important question, a question that has been long since debated, asked for and even begged for by a massive amount of the gaming community. What is this question? Well, quite simply, it is ‘Where’s our Final Fantasy VII Remake?’

Gamers want it. Long-time fans of the series clamour for it. So why hasn’t Square Enix delivered the goods and gave us what the vast majority of us want? More importantly, should Square Enix actually give in to our demands and let us have it? This editorial, straight from my fingertips, asks that very question. I therefore present to you….Reasons For and Against the Fabled Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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Cwalk8162744d ago

I'm completely against it, you can remake FF7 successfully.

ksense2744d ago

My prediction is final fantasy 7 remake and metal gear solid 1 remake announced at tokyo game show for ps vita

fluffydelusions2744d ago

I'm all for that but at least bring them to PS3 too.

Cwalk8162744d ago

A remake of FF7 for Vita would ruin my childhood, if they had to do it, I would much rather it was done on PS3.

JsonHenry2744d ago

Against? If you don't like it don't play it. There is no harm in doing it. The worst that could happen is the people that want to play it will get a chance to.

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honestpizza2744d ago

I know that no matter the arguments for or against it, Square-Enix can never please everyone and people just need to accept that. I highly doubt this will ever happen, but here's hoping.

Godmars2902744d ago

How about the simple fact that its been brought up too many times? That at best such shows Square's inability to do a good job.

Kon2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

FF7 is such an overrated title..

Sorry but i think VI is far better.

Deadman_Senji2744d ago

Well you're getting the response and treatment you desired.

thugbob2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Bleach is such an overrated anime/manga...

Trolling trolls can be fun at times...

slaton242744d ago

dont bring something into a discussion thats not part of the topic ok thugbob

looza2744d ago

FF7 is overrated. It an good game no doubt but way too many people claims it the best one when they have never tried previous iteration. Just like FF8 is underrated cause everyone expect it to be like FF7 which they should understand that each iteration of the FF series is very different from one another.

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Infernostew2744d ago

Knowing SE, they'd compromise the game right off the bat for the quick buck and make it an xbox exclusive.... bastards.

slaton242744d ago

lucky me if they do i have an xbox u c im a gamer not a fanboy like 60% of ppl today

thugbob2744d ago

since when does only owning one console make you a fanboy/ owning more than one not make you a fanboy?

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