Nintendo Wii vs Wii U

Pocket-Lint - So there it is..the Wii U, Nintendo's next game-changing console packed full of all the innovation and excitement of the Wii when it launched back in 2006. Specs and stats are thin on the ground but what little we know puts it well ahead of its predecessor.

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VampiricDragon2722d ago

if they price this right its going to sell very well

JD_Shadow2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

I was watching TotalBiscuit's Mailbox yesterday, and he was going on about how he was told from those that are on the E3 floor (I don't know if he's actually AT E3, with him being a Brit and all) that the WiiU DOES have the specs and is a pretty powerful system. He usually is correct and he's not one to give companies a free pass, so it's more or less true.

I'm hoping for a few things:

1. That online is better and that Nintendo have gotten over their fear of the internet (looks like it since they were heavy on the online gaming talk in the conference).
2. It has some sort of Achievement system that all games will have to increase longevity in titles (that's the one thing Microsoft got right this gen and it's a good idea, but only if there's a mandate so companies can't use that as a selling point in otherwise crappy games while others get lazy and not put them in when there's no reason not to).
3. That the screen controller is not forced on us. If I want to play using a classic controller, I should have that option avaliable to me. It'll be a minus for the system if they force everyone to have to always use the screen controller if they don't want to.

tunaks12721d ago

well the wii could have 4 wiimotes connected at once so everyone playing experiences it, unlike with WiiU only 1 person can experience the "innovation".

N4g_null2721d ago

Wow you really want more than one wiiu controller don't you.

Well the problem is do you have that type of cash? If so then it is possible. Yet it's going to be like buying two high end video cards so you can have one more monitor.

Here is how buy two wiius and connect them to the Internet via wifi and start a new room/server. There you go wiiu for every one that must play the innovation.

Or you could go the developer route and use the 3ds as another controller yet you might need the game cart.

Ether way you are going to pay for some thing like that. It is very similar to people complaining you can't use two key boards on a pc game.

tunaks12721d ago

common man this is a nintendo console, if local play is going to be gimped for a tablet controller, then nintendo needs to go back to the drawing board. I think people will get tired of the whole 3 vs 1 thing. Also its not like controllers for the ps3 360 and wii were cheap when they were released...

N4g_null2721d ago

True this is a nintendo console but two u remotes will not work and unless it is one verses many. The controller is not there to give every one the same options unless it is online play. The local multiplayer is still there. Also maybe mirroring is possible but not two u remotes.

Besides what local mulitplayer game is going to need two of them? When it does could you not just use your 3ds? The tech you are asking for is not affordable right now. This is wireless hd not a LCD like the dreamcast.

I understand your problems and fear but you do realize many games are going to make it an option. Having controls map to normal controllers will be very important.

If I where to use this in call of duty I would use it as a wii speak and away to kick players or send out objectives. As you know you can not have two commanders.

If you do want that in a game then the wiiu controller can be placed on the coffee table and each player could use it to do extra functions while they both use the controller of their liking. This center controller can move troops in to positions for each team as if they where playing a mere board game. So shared use would be the answer which is why it's multi touch.

Think pokemon and a shared battle field on the wiiu over head view while they each get a split screen view.