Bits 'n' Bytes Gaming E3 Hands-On Impressions: Final Fantasy XIII-2

We sample the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII! Will the sequel be better than its predecessor?

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WhiteLightning2746d ago


It's only for the people who actualy enjoyed FF13. Why would anyone buy a sequel to a game they hated whether it was because they didn't complete it, found it boring, never even got around to buying it.

I mean you wouldn't buy God of War 3 when you havent played the other ones you'd be lost in the story. Same applies here and since it's a FF game the story is more confusing.

Troll-without-Bridge2746d ago

Why? Well if people hated it for a reason and for its faults, if its faults are addressed, why wouldn't they enjoy?

This game's story wont necessarily require gamers to have played the first one.

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Sprudling2746d ago

There are many more who like FF13 than what the comments on this site make you believe. I happen to visit other communities around the web, and it's a fact that nowhere is the kiddy group mentality as strong as it is here.

Don't like the game? Well, your loss! And your constant whine is never going to change anyone else's opinion of the game regardless of how hard you try.

I know why you're doing it though. It's because you care. Not sure why you would care about a game you don't like though - I don't go around hating on games I have absolutely no interest in.

Tommykrem2746d ago

Second that! I'm starting to worry that the next we hear from it might be the last we hear from it.

Mystickay862746d ago

Probably TGS which is in september. I hope they announce a release date or more info by then

WhiteLightning2746d ago

LOL @Troll-without-Bridge

You actually believe there going to adress the issues, why would they, it's just a quick cash in they have other things to work on which are more important. I'm not surprized though last few articles about FF13 you've been defending the shit out of it and Sqaure....fair enough you want to keep giving them both chances, most of us here are fed up with them. Square havent made a decent game this gen, havent even got Versus out of the door or give it a release date, are not giving fans what they really want (remakes) which would sell a ton AND they're already talking about FF15 and it's portable games.

Come talk to be after the game is out and your disappointed AGAIN.

Troll-without-Bridge2746d ago

I do because i, unlike you, have been keeping up with E3 and gameplay footage, as well as developers interviews.

Just from the demo you can confirm non-linear level design, moogles, monster capture, interactive NPC's, secrets and player choices with consequences.

Lol, they never talked about FFXV, they said they will keep the main numbered FF on consoles, and spin offs on the portables. Seriously, you're Clueless, you read an article and somehow you manage to get the information totally wrong.

Deadman_Senji2746d ago

They whipped XIII-2 up quick if they actually meet their release time frame.

Not sure how to feel about that.

BigDollarZoe9542746d ago

cant wait need some RPG's in my gaming life lol the Haters wont change my decision love the 1st one and cant wait for the next