Nintendo: Wii See U Later As Nintendo Stocks Drop 5 Percent

As soon as the WiiU was announced and after the conference the Tokyo Stock Exchange showed their true colours for Nintendo's new invention.

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-Alpha2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Wii U mad bro?

Also, a 5% drop means nothing. Fluctuation is common

Knushwood Butt2743d ago

Yeah, fluctuation upwards is common too, only that didn't happen upon the official announcement of their next system.

Hmmmmm, it probably just means nothing, but maybe showing off what looks like a new handheld when they really need to start shifting 3DSs has something to do with the stock price dropping.

Just a wild guess though.

fear882743d ago

Bah. Stocks and trading are very fickle and illogical. I mean apple stocks took a dive when Steve Jobs went to the doctor. Yet he is still healthy. I don't believe this has anything to do with Wii U or Nintendo.

SilentNegotiator2742d ago

Tell me that again in a few years when Nintendo stocks are half of what they are today.

Because there isn't a way in the universe that WiiU or 3DS will match the success of their predecessors. The ones selling their stocks now or right at the end of the holiday season, are the ones with brains (assuming they bought the stock post-gamecube).

Scary692743d ago

When they showed this on E3 it left many wondering wtf is it,? It it a controller or a Console? Many said the console was not shown but wtf would Nintendo not show the console? It's like announcing the new PS4 or Xbox and just showing everyone the controller? Makes no sense Nintendo freaked up.

-Alpha2743d ago

I think the console was shown at the floor. Don't know why they botched the presentation though

iNFAMOUZ12743d ago

great now every wannabe journalists is cracking stupid wii jokes.

nopunctuation2743d ago

No this generation all over again.

gamingdroid2743d ago

It's not unusual for stocks to swing 5% any given day though... <dd

NewMonday2743d ago

but not when a company has a supposedly great announcement.

NewMonday2743d ago

Nintendo is all about gaming so stocks react directly to gaming related stuff.

For Sony the big problems are from other divisions, especially the TV division that is dragging the company for some years now. So stocks react to many factors for them.

Same thing for MS, the XBOX turned in big profits and Kinect had record sales but the stock was devalued twice last year.

Kon2743d ago

Stocks go up and down, how this is news?

Apex132743d ago

Because when it comes to Nintendo the people on this site will find any excuse. If you know about Stoks then you would know why this has happened plus it was not even allot nor was it tide to the Wii u.

Apple, Rbs, Barclays etc announce profits and shares fall. Ps don't forget this is just a prototype

jwk942743d ago

Tide comes in tide goes out, you can't explain that.

-Alpha2743d ago

Fu***'n tides! How do they work?

nopunctuation2743d ago

Stocks probably dropped a lot more when wii specs were released. Shows what stockholders know...

hamburger1232743d ago

Its not gonna make money as much as the casual Wii so thats why

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The story is too old to be commented.