E3: New Gears of War 3 Horde Gameplay, Screens, and Details

TLDRGamer writes: What do you get when you cross Gears of War with Tower Defense? Horde 2.0 of course. Much like Firefight 2.0 from Halo: Reach last year, Gears of War’s popular survival mode has gotten a massive overhaul from Epic Games.

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qwertyz2746d ago

i can't believe a 360 game actually looks this good

KRATOS-PS32746d ago

It's Epic Games, they know what they do with their UE3. Not like many other Devs who f*ck up their games with the UE3.

BTW: look at the weapons on their backs how detailed they are.

lochdoun2746d ago

That hotel map looks like a lot of fun.

HacSawJimThugin2746d ago

This game has to be one of the best sequels EVER!! Just look at the content, upgraded graphics and gameplay. How could anybody in there right mind say that this looks like Gears 2? Having played the beta, I knew we were in for something special and this trailer more than proves it.

Luthiens12746d ago

Please release sooner Epic as the beta was fantastic. Ever since the beta ended my friends and I are on gow1 (still got my original from 5years ago!) most nights. It opened a few eyes among them i'm sure because they used to just play cod every night.