PixelJunk lifelike E3 Preview – PlayStation LifeStyle

Q-Games knows how to make great PlayStation Network games. That much is clear. Their PixelJunk series of games are among the best the PSN has to offer, and have amassed quite the fan-base in the PlayStation 3’s short life. But this new game… isn’t a game at all.

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Trexman892743d ago

This might actually get me to use my Move that is gathering dust in the corner

knifefight2743d ago

I also might use your Move that is gathering dust in the corner.

NJShadow2743d ago

Ha, I always love these PixelJunk games. ^_^

BigWoopMagazine2743d ago

It's not a game! Haha, but it still looks pretty interesting.

dbjj120882743d ago

I love me some PixelJunk!