IncGamers: E3 2011: Forza Motorsport 4 Preview

IncGamers: This generation's racing-sim King takes us for a spin.

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-IronMan-2750d ago

Racing-Sim King? Oh really!!!! There can be only one Real Racing Sim King that is.....


Kon2750d ago

Rfactor and beg to disagree.

GT can't even touch these two series, sorry. Good luck waiting more 15 years for the next GT game, maybe they will make more 'premium' cars.

Information Minister2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

You know what's more annoying than people bringing up GT on a Forza article and vice-versa?

It's people bringing up Rfactor and Iracing in GT/Forza articles. The reason why it's annoying is because whenever a story about those PC games gets posted on N4G, it struggles to reach 50º and it ends up with 0 comments. You want to boast about the superiority of Rfactor? Fine by me. Just do it in a story about Rfactor.

The people who came to read and comment in this article are interested in Forza 4, and they have every right to prefer the racing experience offered by Forza.

THunt2750d ago

It doesn't even make sense to call Forza a racing sim.
It's an arcade driving game. Forced driving assist, rewind, primitive driving model, etc.

Daz2750d ago

THere options. The whole point of this game is to make it so everyone can play not just the hardcore car nuts.
SO they have many options to keep fans and new comers happy.

TheKayle2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )


be serious

Rikan2750d ago

Statistics say otherwise...

Series_IIa2750d ago

Each to their own, I've not played Forza 3 or GT5 for a while but I know I totalled more hours into F3 than GT5 especially because of GT5s lackluster online mode. For a game which took 4-5 years to make, it should be perfect in every way to Forza 3 but it isn't.

The last real GT for me was GT3 which up'd the franchise to a whole new level at the time.

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xtremegamerage2750d ago


At least GT5 has premium cars.

Rattlehead202750d ago

ALL the cars in Forza 4 are of the same graphical standard.

Pyscho_Mantis2750d ago

Sure they are....lmao the windows are darked out, they have not modelled backseats (in game not that bullshit gallery mode which was a blantant rip of GT;s photomode) lights, cockpit view is still a million times better in GT etc the list goes on. Forza is good but GT has always been the racing King and without a doubt it lives up not only in sales but also community wise....still hundreds of thousands of people playing the game at one point more people played it than COD Black Ops, no racing game has ever done that.

Rattlehead202749d ago

You are having a laugh right?

The lighting is far better in Forza..Especially in cockpit view when compared to GT jaggie shadows..

And I stand by what I said..At least ALL cars have full interior view and the same level of graphics compared to a QUARTER of the cars in GT5

Hicken2750d ago

Don't be silly. A game with amazing "theater" graphics and a good-looking actual racing graphic doesn't equate to "king." This is what we call "bias." It means somebody's made up their mind from the start. Which means any and all "facts" are skewed towards that bias.

Ddouble2750d ago

Why does war always break out in every forza/GT5 thread lol.

iamgoatman2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Some people around here hate to see competition of any sorts, which is pretty sad really because a real racing fan would try to play as many racing games as possible. We should be thankful we have 2 very high quality franchises in Forza and GT. I find it pretty disgraceful the amount of hate that's thrown at Forza on this site.

Information Minister2750d ago

Bubble up for both.

Be warned, though: comments with even the slightest semblance of wisdom are most unwelcome at N4G.

HuGi2750d ago

That Forza 4 has beat everything out of GT5... Even in GT own game (Graphics).

and by a fair margin.

Pyscho_Mantis2750d ago

Let me see....

Graphics hahahaha keep dreaming
Does Forza have Night and Day
1000 cars
Properly modelled tracks
A and B Rally cars
F1 cars
Different surfaces of road
A physics engine as good

The Answer is no....its pretty clear why GT is the king of racers this gen and the public and fans have spoken with their wallets. Theres only so far you can go spouting PR bullshit like Turn 10 do....Forza fanboys have always been jealous of the succes of the GT series and so delude themselves into thinking that each game will beat it but it never works as planned.

Its funny how GT nearly out sold the entire forza series ina couple of months....shows what the sim crowd think of which is the better sim and the fact that Forza has only two wheels to support it further shows its inferiority to Gran Turismo.

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