"We don't want Assassin's Creed to feel like Lost" - Ubisoft

OXM UK: "Assassin's Creed: Revelations will "close off a lot of things with Ezio and Altair".

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Nate-Dog2750d ago

"[We're going to try and tie up Ezio and Altair's story] so that Desmond's story can feel fresher and more unified". I'm probably just looking a bit too far into that phrase but for some reason it makes me think that there's gonna be another one of these games before we get ACIII. I always thought even before Revelations was announced we'd have 2 more and the way they said that doesn't sound to me like they're ready for a finale. Again I still think that I'm looking a bit too far into it but just doesn't sound like they're prepping for the end yet.

dirigiblebill2750d ago

I don't understand why they couldn't have just made a straight historical assassination sim. Enough of this silly sci-fi nonsense.

TimTebo2749d ago

Because that's a bit least to me it is. People like the sci-fi elements

dirigiblebill2749d ago

I guess so. I just find them rather contrived. Being a Renaissance/medieval assassin is interesting enough.

guigsy2749d ago

They are clearly building to a present day Assassin's Creed. Just imagine how awesome that will be.

PrimordialSoupBase2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I highly doubt that the sci-fi element was hatched right at the birth of the game concept. Ubisoft was probably too timid to invest in historical realism and added a layer of gobbledygook to appeal to gamers' evident lack of patience/attention for good ole' ancient times.

TimTebo's comment proves that things have to be WICKED COOL (in the most superficial sense possible) in order to be appealing. What a shame; the real politics of the time is much more interesting.

SpinalRemains1382749d ago

Because conspiracy theorists need their flagship title too!

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ct032749d ago

"We don't want Assassin's Creed to feel like Lost"
Then let it end after the third season with the most amazing finale in television, pardon, game history.

PandaJenkins2749d ago

In other words 'we are dragging out the Ezio and Altair stories to milk the game more'. Wish they decided to only make 1,2 and 3 and actually focused on the interesting Desmond story :/. Instead we just get AC2.5 and AC2.75

Eamon2749d ago

lol at comparison with LOST.

I had complete faith in LOST until the sixth season which was the worst in my opinion. Solving huge plot mysteries, fans were waiting to be solved, with some sort of magical water and light and the dumbest finale in history.

Yes, let's hope Assassin's Creed doesn't become like LOST. Solve all the mysteries in this game, Ubisoft then start fresh again in Assassin's Creed III!