E3 2011: Most Hilarious Moments [VID]

GB: "E3 is undoubtedly the biggest video games industry event and there are bound to be some moments that will embarrass, surprise or even make us laugh. Today we take a look at four such moments that made gamers and media laugh! Mr. Caffeine Goes DOODLY DOODLY DOOP Eventhough the Ubisoft press conference was pretty good but Mr. Caffeine was the one who stole the show."

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52pickup2665d ago

Please reconnect controller!

captain-obvious2665d ago

that was nothing compared to the football guy
and i really have a feeling that the "Please reconnect controller" was staged

idk just a feeling + it was a wireless controller so IDK

LilDeja932665d ago

Yeah exactly, batteries, would have made sense if they used a wired controller. Still made me chuckle when I seen it.

CaptainAmerica2665d ago

If you dont use your control for a while it will automatically turn off, as soon as it turns of the "please reconnect controller" message pops up.

scotchmouth2665d ago

Jack making the Ridge Racer reference got me laughing!

Mr Patriot2665d ago

That Jap dude announcing SF x Tekken on Vita was weird looked queer

Dart892665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Umm you do know that queer looking guy u said is the creator of street fighter??

Edit:By the way that retarded Disneyland preview made me wanna go up there and punch those kids right in the face:D.

macky3012665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

About 4/5 of MS conference made me rofl so hard, I think I broke my rib.

LoaMcLoa2665d ago

The boy at the Kinect Disneyland Adventures presentation was priceless:


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The story is too old to be commented.