E3 2011: Silent Hill: Book Of Memories To Include Multiplayer

PushSquare: "Konami has confirmed that the upcoming PlayStation Vita exclusive, Silent Hill: Book Of Memories, will be the first title in the survival horror franchise to feature online multiplayer. No hard details were shared by Konami, but we’re a touch nervous about the addition."

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Colmshan19902744d ago

Maybe co-op COULD work, but I doubt it.
Silent Hill is one of those games that should be played in the dark, with the sound turned up and on your own.
Multiplayer tends to dilute horror.

Then again, Dead Space 2's multiplayer can be fun. Whatever happens, keep the multiplayer mode seperate from the main game and I'll be happy.

Cloudberry2744d ago

I want to see Dead Space Vita.

More survival horror games on Vita.

Probably along with Fatal Frame Vita if SONY is lucky...

Using the Smart Augmented Reality for ghosts & spirits walking across your room...